confused what to do after 12th ?

Digitel Marketing

Digital Marketing is of the best trending Job. you have to handle Online Promotions , reputation and drive sales through different Social Media or Paid Campaigns. 

Customer Care 

here you have take care of all the queries of customers, train your downline about product of the company, customer handling & selling skills

Nowadays photography has become such a trend that getting a job in this field is not a difficult task. A lot of options can be found for jobs in the field of photography. 


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Models promote, advertise, and showcase clothing, footwear, and other products. They participate in photoshoots, fashion shows, commercials, trade shows, and conventions.


Graphic design is a type of art in which you create a design with the help of your creativity and software tools. This design can be poster, banner, logo etc.

Graphic Designer

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A company secretary is responsible for handling the legal and administrative responsibilities of the company.

Company Secretary

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Director is the most important part of any movie. The director is like a leader who is responsible for all the work of the film.

film Director

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Content writing work is suitable for those people who are fond of writing, know how to do research, and have a good hold on the language in which they want to write.

content writer

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Nowadays the demand of X-Ray technician is very high in various departments of the medical field. !

X-Ray Technician

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Be it any function of home or office party, wedding season or get-together, the event manager works to organize every event properly.

Event Management

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Air Force

It is the branch of the Indian Air Force that actually flies aircraft on operations and battles.

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Indian Army

Regular rally recruitment is organized for the army at different places, where recruitment is done on the basis of physical task.

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