Free Books to read online -12 Websites to Read and Download

Searching for free online books to read? You’re extremely lucky! We’ve put up a list of the top websites where you can read a variety of books for free, including everything from classics to modern fiction. Grab your device, and let’s get started!

This article will go over the top websites for finding and reading free English books online. We have you covered, whether you’re a reader on a tight budget or just trying something new. There are several possibilities for free online reading, including public domain novels and works of classic literature.

  1. Project Gutenberg

A digital library called Project Gutenberg contains more than 60,000 free eBooks. It’s one of the oldest and most well-known websites for free literature, having been established in 1971. The books in the collection span a range of literary genres, from science fiction to children’s books, and because they are all in the public domain, they can all be downloaded without cost or copyright restrictions.

  1. Open Library

The Internet Archive’s online initiative Open Library intends to make all books ever published accessible. More than 1.7 million free eBooks are available on the Internet, including new releases, textbooks, and rare publications. By uploading their own scanned books, users of the platform can also add to the collection.

  1. ManyBooks

More than 50,000 different eBooks are available for free download on ManyBooks. Users of the website can browse by author, title, or genre and find books in a variety of categories, such as romance and non-fiction. Another useful feature provided by ManyBooks is the ability to examine reader evaluations and rankings for each book.

  1. BookBoon

A digital publishing platform called BookBoon provides free textbooks and eBooks. The books in the collection cover a range of subjects, from engineering to business, and each one is written by a specialist in that field. Although there are premium books available on the platform for a cost, the free eBooks are just as worthwhile.

  1. Google Books

Millions of free eBooks and magazines can be found in the enormous digital library known as Google Books. The portal features extensive search capabilities that let you focus your search by publication date or subject. Users can also search for books by title, author, or keyword on the platform. Also, Google Books has a useful preview function that enables you to read a portion of the book before deciding to download it.

  1. Smashwords

Smashwords is an online platform for publishing and distributing eBooks. It has a substantial selection of both free and paid eBooks. The website offers a range of categories, from self-help to fantasy, and lets customers select their results by price. Also, Smashwords provides a useful option that enables you to download the books in a variety of file types, such as PDF, EPUB, and MOBI.


Around 50,000 titles are available for download from the website, which provides a wide selection of free eBooks. The portal offers a useful function that lets you browse by author and features a variety of genres, from mystery to science fiction. Users of can also rate and review the books, allowing you to know what other people thought of them before downloading.

  1. Librivox

Public domain audiobooks are offered for free on the Librivox website. The audiobooks on the website are all read by volunteers from all over the world and span a wide range of disciplines, from poetry to philosophy. You can look for audiobooks on Librivox using a useful function that lets you search by author or title.

  1. Bartleby

A digital library called Bartleby provides free access to reference, nonfiction, and classic books. Shakespeare to economics are all represented on the platform, which also lets visitors conduct searches by author or title. As you read, Bartleby also has a useful function that lets you highlight and annotate the text.

10. Good Reads

Goodreads is a social media platform for readers, but it also has a sizable library of free eBooks. Classic books, current bestsellers, and everything in between are all available. You may make virtual bookshelves on Goodreads to keep track of the books you’ve read, want to read, and are now reading.

11. Internet Archive

Internet Archieve A non-profit digital library called Internet Archive provides millions of free books, videos, songs, and other media. Its extensive library includes both current blockbusters and rare and out-of-print literature. The website is simple to use, with several categories to peruse and a straightforward search tool.

12. Amazon Kindle

Through their Kindle shop, Amazon Kindle provides a variety of free e-books, including well-known classics and modern titles. A format is Kindle.

The value of Reading

Reading is an important activity that can be entertaining, instructive, and have a number of other benefits. It’s likely that improving your vocabulary will also improve your cognitive functioning and reduce stress levels. Reading is a great way to learn about various worldviews and perspectives.


  • The article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive guide to finding and reading free books online in English.
  • The article should include practical information, such as the best websites to visit and the formats available for reading.
  • The article should also provide some background information on classic literature and public domain books to give readers context for their reading options.
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  • A. summary of the key points The top internet resources for locating and reading free English novels have been covered in this post. Classic literature, works in the public domain, and advice on how to read comfortably online have all been covered.
  • B. Concluding remarks on free online reading Everyone should have access to reading because it’s a fantastic activity. You can find new books and increase your knowledge without spending a fortune by making use of the many resources offered for free internet reading.
Free Books to read online
Free Books to read online

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