30 Famous English Short Stories PDF

Short stories are condensed literary works of fiction that frequently concentrate on a single person, thing, or subject. They can be between a few hundred and a few thousand words long and are typically shorter than books and novellas.

A short story’s format enables a tightly focused narrative that can quickly and effectively communicate difficult concepts and feelings. Short stories can explore a broad range of themes, such as love, loss, identity, and more.

They can be lighthearted, serious, or anything in between. They are a common genre of literature and are frequently released as standalone works or in collections in literary journals, anthologies, and online venues.

Here are Few short stories for you

  1. The Talking Dog One day, a man was walking in the park when he saw a dog sitting on a bench. To his surprise, the dog spoke to him! “Hey, buddy, can you help me out? I need to find a new home, and nobody seems to notice me.” The man was shocked but decided to take the dog home. However, when he got there, the dog kept talking and talking, and the man soon realized he preferred a quiet pet.
  2. The Magic Carpet Sarah found a beautiful magic carpet at a garage sale. Excitedly, she jumped on it and shouted, “Take me to the beach!” The carpet flew into the air, but instead of taking her to the beach, it took her to a deserted island. When she asked the carpet why, it replied, “I’m not a GPS, Sarah. You need to give me more specific directions!”
  3. The Barking Tree Jenny was taking her dog for a walk when she heard a strange noise coming from a tree. When she got closer, she realized the tree was barking! Confused, she asked the tree why it was barking. The tree replied, “I’m just practicing for when I grow up to be a dog!”
  4. The Dancing Shoes When Mike put on his new dancing shoes, he felt an urge to dance. Suddenly, he started dancing uncontrollably, even in the grocery store! Embarrassed, he went home and took off the shoes. But the shoes kept dancing on their own, and Mike realized he had accidentally bought a pair of magical dancing shoes.
  5. The Smart Phone Joe’s smart phone was so smart that it started to correct his grammar when he spoke. One day, he asked his phone for directions, and it replied, “I think you meant ‘where are we going,’ not ‘where we going?’ Remember to use proper grammar, Joe!” Annoyed, Joe turned off the phone’s grammar correction feature.
  6. The Flying Pig Sally was amazed when she saw a pig flying in the sky. She shouted, “Wow, a flying pig!” The pig heard her and replied, “Excuse me, but I prefer to be called an aviator. I have my pilot’s license, you know!” Sally was too stunned to respond.
  7. The Dancing Banana One day, Maria saw a banana dancing on the street. She asked the banana, “Why are you dancing?” The banana replied, “I heard it’s good for your peelings!” Maria groaned at the pun.
  8. The Confused Chicken A chicken walked into a library and asked the librarian for a book on cooking chicken. The librarian was confused and asked, “Are you sure you want that book?” The chicken replied, “Oh, don’t worry. I’m just doing some research on what NOT to do!”
  9. The Talking Tomato As James was picking tomatoes in his garden, he heard one of them speak to him. The tomato said, “Please don’t pick me! I have a family to take care of!” James felt sorry for the tomato and left it on the vine. The tomato was grateful and said, “Thank you! You’re a true friend to tomatoes everywhere!”
  10. The Sassy Squirrel When Lisa put out some birdseed for the birds, a squirrel came along and took it all. Lisa scolded the squirrel and said, “That’s not for you!” The squirrel replied, “Excuse me, but have you seen the price of nuts lately? I’m on a budget, honey!” Lisa couldn’t help but laugh at the sassy squirrel.

Download 30 famous English Short Stories PDF

funny english short stories pdf,Famous English Short Stories PDF
funny english short stories pdf

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