How to become an IAS Officer

IAS (Indian Administrative Service) i.e. Indian Administrative Service is considered one of the best posts in India. IAS exam is one of the toughest exam in the country.

To become an IAS officer, UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) has to give the All India Civil Service exam, through which the top three officers of India, IAS, IPS (Indian Police Service) and IFS are selected.

Here we are going to tell you about IAS. if you want to become IAS then this information told by us today is going to be very useful for you.

we are going to discuss about IAS selection process, educational qualification, age limit etc. I will tell you full details.

The full form of IAS is Indian Administrative Service, which we also call Indian Administrative Service i.e. IAS, UPSC conducts every year UPSC conducts exam for about 24 services every year, in which IAS, After clearing the IAS exam in UPSC like IPS, IRS, etc., you are sent to different zones such as District Magistrate (DM), SDM, etc.

There are many other posts which help you to clear the IAS exam. After that, the work of every IS officer is different in his own zone, let us now know who can become an IAS officer.

IAS officer is one of the highest officials of the country, above whom only ministers are there. To become an IAS one has to work hard.

It is not that easy to crack this exam as it requires a lot of dedication and hard work to be successful. To appear in the Civil Services Examination, any applicant must have a graduation from a recognized university.

Eligibility Criteria for IAS Officer, Age Limit, Exam Attempt Limit

  • Candidate should be from India, Nepal or Bhutan
  • You must be graduate in any subject or stream
  • Your age should be 21 to 32 years for general student and students of this category can give this exam only 6 times
  • For SC/ST, the age should be from 21 to 37 years and there is no exam attempt limit for the students of this category, you can give the exam as many times as you want.
  • For OBC, it should be 21 to 35 years and students of this category can attempt 9 times for the exam.
  • The age of 21 to 42 years has been kept for the physically disabled candidate and in this category a total of 9 attempts have been given for General and OBC and there is no limit for SC / ST. can also give bar exam
  • In Jammu and Kashmir domicile, the age limit is 37 years for General and 40 years for OBC and 42 years for SC/ST and 50 years for physical handicap.
  • General = 37 yrs, OBC = 38 and SC / ST = 40 for Disabled Servicemen and Disabled from Duty candidate and the limit is same.

Complete information on how to become an IAS officer

Pass 12th class from any subject

If you want to become an IAS officer, then first of all you have to pass the 12th examination, if you are in school now, then from any stream whether it is science, commerce or else. Be an arts subject, you just have to pass class XII first.

Now complete Graduation in any course

As soon as you have passed 12th, now you should complete your graduation / degree in whatever subject you are interested in, because to become an IAS officer.

it is very important to be a graduate, only then in the UPSC civil service exam. You can sit without graduation or degree, you cannot give this exam.

Apply now for UPSC exam

As soon as you complete your graduation, after that you have to apply for UPSC exam or if you want, you can apply for this exam in final year also if you want to give exam like IAS, IPS, IRS.

So for all you have to give UPSC exam because UPSC conducts these exams and this is the most difficult exam.

As soon as you apply for the UPSC exam, after that you have to clear 3 main exams, first is the preliminary exam, second is the main exam and last. Interview.

Now clear the Preliminary Exam Exam

After applying in the UPSC exam, now you have to clear the first exam which is called The preliminary exam, it consists of two papers and both are objective type questions i.e. with four options, then both the papers will be of 200 Marks. then next To go to the round, you have to clear this exam which is very important to become an IAS officer.

Now clear the Main Exam

As soon as you clear the first exam, after that now you have to clear the main exam which is very difficult, in which you have to give total 9 papers in which you have to give written exam as well as interview.

it would have been a bit difficult. If so many people are not able to clear this exam, then if you want to become an IPS officer then you have to get top marks in the exam and then you have to read carefully to clear the IAS exam.

Now clear the interview round

As soon as both your rounds are cleared, after that now you are called for personal interview which is about 45 minutes, then you have to clear the interview, there are many interviewing panels which are very difficult and difficult for you.

If you ask tricky questions then you have to be ready for it and you have to clear this round also only then you will be able to become an IAS officer.

So in this way you will become an IAS officer but remember it is not that easy, for this you may have to take separate tuition or if you want to pass the exam by doing self study then you can remember this Exam is considered to be the most difficult exam of India, if you really want to clear the IAS exam, then read carefully.


How to prepare for IAS

If you want to become an IAS, then you have to work very hard for this and we are giving you some tips, if you follow them, then it will help you a lot in becoming an IAS and you will also prepare for the IAS exam in the right way. For this you will be able to follow these small tips.

  • Read NCERT Books – It is very important for you to read NCERT books to become an IAS and in NCERT books you can read books from class VIII to XII, these books contribute a lot in passing the IAS exam and if If you have a good hold on NCERT books, then your chances of success will be higher.
  • Understand UPSC – You can become IAS only through UPSC and its application exam and selection of an IAS is done by it and it is very important for you to become IAS and for its better preparation, it is very important to understand UPSC’s syllabus and you See its old papers and find out about the type of question papers in UPSC exam and try to solve them.
  • Study regularly – To become an IAS, it is very important to study regularly and when you study regularly, then you can study in the best way and you will be remembered for a long time so that you can take the exam. You will be able to show better performance and will be able to get success in the examination easily.
  • Make a time table – It is very important for you to make a time table to become an IAS and how long you have to study in it and for how long you have to make a time table about all these and based on that you have to study more than that. You will be able to study till time and you will also be able to prepare better for the exam.
  • Study in the right environment – ​​It is very important for you to study in the right environment to become an IAS because the better environment you study in, the better you can prepare and the morning and evening environment is very good for studies. And in this time, you can go to a clean place or study on the terrace, due to which you will remember any question very easily and quickly.
  • Read books of all subjects – Many people make a mistake that they take only one book of the entire celebs and study from it, while they are not able to study properly because you cannot get such big celebs in one book, so you have to read every book. You have to keep a different book of the subject and on the basis of that you have to study, due to this you will be able to get information from the details in every subject and your grip will be strong in every subject, which will increase your chances of succeeding in the examination.
  • Read current affairs

For UPSC preparation, you have to prepare current affairs for at least 12 to 18 months, because current affairs questions are asked in the Preliminary Exam, so you have to make current affairs strong, for this you read news papers, magazines. And if you want, you can join any course.

  • Solve old question papers

To prepare for UPSC in a better way, you should solve the previous few years question papers, this will give you an idea of what type of questions are asked in the exam.

how to become IAS officer
How to Become IAS officer

Exam Format and Syllabus to become IAS

  • Preliminary Examination
  • Main Examination
  • Interview

Preliminary Examination

The question paper in the preliminary examination comes as follows.

S.No.Exam ( Question Paper )Marks
1General Studies Question Paper I ( objective Type )200
2. General Studies Question Paper II ( objective Type ) 200
IAS Preliminary Examination Subjects

There are two papers of General Studies in the Preliminary Examination, 200 marks are fixed for each paper.

Objective questions are asked in this exam, for every wrong answer one third mark is deducted. So if you know the correct answer to the question then you should answer because at most one or two marks less then the candidates are declared failed. Due to which all your hard work may be in vain.

IAS Main Examination

After the IAS Preliminary Examination, notification is issued to participate in the Main Examination, only those candidates who qualify the Preliminary Examination can participate in this examination.

There are total nine question papers in this exam, all of them are of essay type. In each paper, you have to write explaining the given topic correctly.

S. No.Exam ( Question Paper )Marks
1General Studies (Question Paper-I)250
2General Studies (Question Paper-II)250
3General Studies (Question Paper-III)250
4General Studies (Question Paper-IV)250
5Optional Subject (Question Paper-I)250
6Optional Subject (Question Paper-II)250
7essay writing250
8English (Mandatory)300
9Indian Language (Mandatory)300
IAS Main Examination Subjects
Note : Marks obtained in English (compulsory), Indian language (compulsory) will not be counted in the merit list of selection.


After the main examination, the interview is organized by the commission, the candidates who are declared successful in the main examination can participate in the interview.

Exam TypeMarks
Interview 275
Interview to become IAS

Training of IAS Officer

After achieving success in all the stages of the examination conducted by UPSC, the merit list is drawn out by the commission, on the basis of which the candidates will be selected for which post, it is decided.

The IAS rank is given to the top candidates in the merit list, rest of the other posts are distributed on the basis of their place in the list.

After which, the selected candidates for training are sent to LBSNAA from where they are given 2 years training in the campus itself and after that MA degree in Public Administration is awarded.

Work Profile of IAS Officer

  • As an IAS one has to do revenue related work, such as collection of revenue etc.
  • To maintain law and order in the district.
  • Has to act as an Executive Magistrate.
  • An IAS has to work as Chief Development Officer (CDO) or District Development Commissioner.
  • To effectively implement the policies of the State Government and the Central Government in the district.
  • Traveling to make surprise visits to monitor policies, etc.
  • To examine the expenditure on public funds in accordance with the norms of financial matters.
  • Advising as Joint Secretary, Deputy Secretary in making policy of the government and giving final shape to the policies.
  • To undertake the responsibility of handling the day-to-day affairs of the Government.

What are the IAS Officer’s Post

  • SDO / SDM / Joint Collector / Chief Development Officer (CDO)
  • District Magistrate / District Collector / Deputy Commissioner
  • divisional commissioner
  • Member Board of Revenue
  • Chairman of the Board of Revenue

Power and rights of IAS officer

The IAS officer is the head of a district or department, he is responsible for every work done in the department, he gives directions to his subordinate employees, if any kind of negligence is found in the work, then he is responsible for the employees.

takes concrete action against He can suspend the employees and if any employee acts against the law, can register an FIR against him and recommend his dismissal from the government.

The power of suspension of IAS is with the President only, this work cannot be done by any other government.


this was the complete information about how to become IAS which I hope you would have liked.

The job of an IAS officer is one of the most coveted jobs in India, for which lakhs of aspirants apply every year but only a few of them have their dreams come true.

We would like to tell the aspirants who want to make a career as an IAS officer that there is a lot of work pressure in this job. Because the work of an IAS officer is very responsible. This officer is accountable for everything going on in his department and in his area.

Hope that in this article ‘How to become an IAS’, you have got the answers to all your questions like- IAS Qualification, Subject to become IAS, Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Book, Salary etc. Still if you have any question or suggestion. If yes, then you can ask us by commenting, we are always available to help you.

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