How to become content writer

A legal degree is not required to become a content writer. If you feel that you have a good hold on any language and you can write good content on any given topic in that language, then you can become a content writer.

With the increasing trend of content marketing, the demand for content writers is also increasing rapidly. Any agency or company needs a lot of content to survive in this cut-throat competition and the content writer plays a big role in fulfilling these requirements.

Content writing work is suitable for those people who are fond of writing, know how to do research, and have a good hold on the language in which they want to write. If you too have all these qualities, then you too can become a good content writer.

Before knowing the process of becoming a content writer, let us know that what is ‘content’?

What is Content?

Any kind of information that educates, informs, entertains, or inspires people is called ‘Content’.

Content is a broad term. Articles, photos (graphics), videos, audios and files (such as pdf, docx etc.) all come under this.

Content can be digital, such as blog, email, ad, etc., and can also be offline such as, story, research paper, projects, etc.

What is Content Creator ?

Anyone who creates content is called a content creator. Whether he writes articles, creates photos (graphics), makes videos, records audio or prepares files (pdf, docx), all these are called content creators.

Some people consider both content writer and content creator the same. Although these two are not the same. There is difference between both.

Content Creator is a broad term, which includes all those people who create any kind of content. Such as content writers, bloggers, YouTubers, Instagram influencers or users who post by creating graphics or photos, etc.

Content Writer is a part of the content creator itself. They create content only in the form of articles, such as storyteller, blogger, journalist, etc.

So if you want to become a content writer, then definitely read this post completely. Will know further in this post that how to become Content writer.

What is Content Writing?

Content writing is a skill, with the help of which you inform people, educate them, keep them entertained and sometimes even inspire them through your articles.

There is also a lot of career scope in content writing. Content writers are needed from a blogger to a big media house. There is also a facility in this that you can do this work both online and offline.

How to become Content Writer

There are mainly two types of content writers you can become:

  • Freelance Content Writer
  • Offline Content Writer

Freelance content writers work from home. He does not need to go to office. There is no need of any education or degree for this. You just need to have a good grasp of the language in which you are writing.

Offline content writers work in an office. In this you get jobs according to your studies.

Now we will know about these two methods in detail.

How to become freelance content writer

Below are some steps to become a freelance content writer, you can follow them to become a freelance content writer.

  1. Build a Portfolio
    In the beginning people will shy away from giving you work, because they do not know how you write? Do you know how to write or not? This is where the need for a portfolio comes in.

Now the question comes that where to make the portfolio i.e. on which platform? So it would be best here to create a self-hosted blog on WordPress.

On WordPress, you will find many plugins and themes, so that you can give your portfolio the look you want.

The second most popular platform to build a portfolio is Medium. You can create a profile here for free. Many freelance content writers build their portfolios on Medium.

Now come what to write in the portfolio? So in portfolio you can write in two ways:

  • on a topic (niche)
  • on many topics (niche)

on any one topic
If you are interested in any one subject and have good knowledge of that subject, then write some good article only on that subject and publish it on your portfolio (blog).

The advantage of writing on a single topic is that you get a good hold on that subject, you are known to be an expert in that subject, and writing on that topic for a few days makes it easy for you to write content. Because you already have a lot of information about that subject.

But before choosing to write any topic, make sure that people get written on that topic. That is, the writer of that subject has a demand in the market.

The best way to find out whether the content writer of a topic is in demand in the market is to go to a well-known freelance platform (like Fiverr, Upwork) and search for the topic you want to become a content writer. If you are seeing a lot of work in the search result, then it is fine, otherwise choose some other topic.

on many topics
If you want that you get work quickly and get maximum work, then you can write on many subjects. There are many freelance writers who earn a lot online by writing content on many topics.

In this too, you will get more work and money only when you write on such topics which are in demand in the market. Some of the famous topics which are in high demand in the market are as follows:

  • Blogging
  • Technology
  • Health
  • Lifestyle
  • Finance

Whether you are on all these topics or many other topics, write some good articles on them and publish them on your portfolio.

  1. Be Active on Social Media

Nowadays almost everyone is using social media, whether it is a working content writer or a client providing work.

Create a good profile of yourself on LinkedIn, mention in Instagram bio that you are a content writer, join content writing Facebook groups, tweet occasionally with the appropriate hastag, people on Quora Answer the questions, and you should have a profile on Medium.

As far as possible, link your portfolio website to all social media handles. So that when someone sees your profile, they can also see your portfolio.

The most effective platform for content writers is Quora. Here you will also have a practice of writing, you will also know whether people are benefiting from your article or not (through comments), people are liking it or not (through upvotes), and biggest of all The thing is, if you write well regularly, then you can also get work there.

  1. Find work
    To become a freelance content writer, you can find work in four ways:
  • Contact a blogger, agency or a company
  • on the freelance platform
  • from facebook group
  • Join Content Platform

Let us now understand these four methods separately:

Contact a blogger, agency or a company

Be it a blogger of any subject, any kind of agency or any company, almost all of them need a content writer. In that case you can contact them. If he has work and you have a good portfolio, he will definitely give you work.

While contacting them, keep in mind that if you are contacting for content writing, then the content of your email should also be good. Meaning what you are trying to say, say it clearly, do not make any grammar and spelling mistake of any kind and definitely give a link to your portfolio and social media handle.

on the freelance platform

Although there are many freelance platforms, Fiverr and Upwork are considered to be the best for content writers.

Since both these platforms are very famous, there are already millions of content writers here. So it is a bit difficult for a new content writer to get a job.

For this, you can do that in the beginning you do some work at low prices or for free. Instead, ask the client to give good ratings and reviews.

When you will get some good ratings and reviews then your profile will be strong and it will be easy for you to get the job.

from facebook group

There are many groups on Facebook for content writers, you can join them.

Apart from this, blogging, digital marketing and other such groups can also be joined.

In these groups, those who need content writers post their requirements. You can get work by contacting them.

Join Content Platform

If you are not getting work by yourself then you can join the content platform.

Although there are many content platforms, but the best among them is considered to be PepperContent.

Apart from this, there are other platforms that either get very little money or do not get the kind of work done.

Hopefully now you have come to know that how to become freelance content writer

Now we will know the process of becoming an offline content writer.

What is the salary of content writer?

Most of the content writers are not given any fixed salary. Maximum content writers are given 10 paisa per word payment and as the experience of writers increases, so does this payment.

Some writers even take payment of up to ₹ 10 per word. If you are writing for any company or other then your salary is fixed. If you are an un-experienced writer then you will be given salary between ₹ 10,000 to ₹ 15,000.

If you are an experienced writer, then the company can give you salary between ₹ 30,000 to ₹ 50,000.

The main areas where you can find content writing jobs are as follows:

  1. publishing house
  2. news agency
  3. advertising agency
  4. press information bureau

What are the responsibilities of a content writer?

Many responsibilities come on a content writer. Some of them are given below:

  • Whatever you write will be uploaded on the website. So you just have to search and write the correct information. Many people can be harmed by writing your wrong information.
  • The biggest responsibility of a content writer is to follow the instructions given by his client and satisfy his client completely.
  • The content writer also has to keep in mind that he should always write to the point because putting more content makes the article very boring.
how to become content writer
how to become content writer


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