How to become film Director

Film director are not only directors of films, they are also of many serials like TV serials and while watching any program in TV, there is publicity in between.

The director puts life into the film. There are also different types of directors, but now we are going to talk about how to become a film director.

Speaking of film director means that person who directs a film. Now the director’s job is not only to direct films. Whatever serials, ads or shows we watch on TV, only a director directs them.

Director is the most important part of any movie. The director is like a leader who is responsible for all the work of the film.

To become a film director it is necessary that you have a creative mind. Creativity is the first qualification of a film director.

You are not much educated, still it will work. You can become a film director in two ways. The first is that you do a film direction course from a good film institute.

After this, you can start a career as an assistant to a director in a film or TV production house.

The way to become a second film director is that after 12th or graduation, you can make a career as an assistant to a film or TV director, that is, as an assistant director.

Film direction course is not necessary to get into the field of film direction. But the advantage of doing a film direction course is that you get to know the basics of film making and film direction.

So that when you assist a director, things will be understood easily. On the other hand, if you come to the direction without any film making course, then it takes a little more time for you to learn the nuances of film direction. Just not taking that course makes a difference.

The beginning of any director is only as the first assistant director. They get to learn a lot from there. When he gets a lot of experience as an assistant director, then he gets a chance to direct a movie, TV serial or web series.

If that film or serial becomes a hit, then they start getting work on many films. Even bigger actors than a director talk with sir. The director has all the responsibility of the actor’s role. The director decides which actor will play which role.

Work of Film Director

Today’s films have become so advanced that the director has to take care of even the smallest things shown in the film. Director is the most important person in making a film. He is his most important role from the beginning of the shooting of the film till the end.

Some special tips to become a film director

If you want to become a Film Director, then you should have good knowledge about every small and big department related to Film like Production, Music, Sound, Editing, Management, Cinematography, Costume, Makeup, VFX, Writing etc.

To become a film director, you should have very good knowledge about the film industry. And watch carefully every work of all the departments of the film industry and try to learn it.

A film director should also have good knowledge of script writing. Therefore, one should always keep writing some story so that creativity can be improved well.

A film director should have all kinds of knowledge and understanding so that he can get the actor to do the acting of his choice. One thing you have to do to become a film director is to make your link with the film industry.

You will have to struggle in this field for 2 to 4 years, after this struggle you can go a long way in the field.

Work As a Assistant Film Director

Becoming a film director is not an easy task. You go where the film is shot and go to that place and work as an assistant director.

Becoming an assistant director is also not an easy task if you are already interested in the film i.e. interested in becoming a film director and already have information about them.

The director prefers to keep those people who want to keep that kind of assistant director, who can understand it at once. If you do not know anything about the assistant director director, then you can go to Mumbai and work in the theater, after working there you will also get experience of many things.

By becoming an assistant director, you can understand the direction of the film, after that you can write the script of your own film.

A film director has many job role.

  • A director has to explain his character to the actor keeping in mind the story and scene of the film.
  • Director also does casting for his film. This means that he himself chooses with which actor or actress to make his film.
  • The director decides when which actor or actress will speak the dialogue spoken in the film.
  • When will the songs come in the film, how many times will they come, all this work is also done according to a director.
  • Where will the film be shot, at what time it will be shot, for how long it will be shot, all these are also selected by the director himself.
  • The editing of the film till the shooting of the film is over, which means which scene will remain in the film or which will not be there, in this work the help of the director is also needed.

Best institute to become a film director

There are some major institutes in India that offer courses in Film Making.

  • AJK Mass Communication Research Centre, Delhi
  • ICE Institute, Mumbai
  • KR Narayan National Institute of Visual Science and Arts, Kerala
  • LV Prasad Film and Television Academy, Chennai
  • MGR Film and Television Academy, Chennai
  • Annapurna International School of Film and Media, Hyderabad
  • Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  • Craft Film School, Delhi
  • Government Film and Television Institute, Bangalore
  • Zee Institute of Media Arts, Mumbai
  • Digital Film Academy, Mumbai
  • Film and Television Institute of India, Pune Satyajit Ray Film and Television Institute of India, Kolkata
  • Biju Patnaik Film and Television Institute of Orissa
  • Mumbai Film Institute, Mumbai
  • Whistling Woods International, Mumbai

Education And Training For Film Director

You should have the knowledge of the field in which you want to work, now the matter is what should be the qualification to become a film director. What is your ability in this, it is not seen that you just have to know about all these things in Hindi, English and how films are made, what to do in it.

Today, film making course is conducted in many institutes of our India, for doing this course you will get money. In this, you get information about films as soon as you get along with it diploma course is also done. After doing all these things, who can you go to the director and work as an assistant director.

There are many film schools that offer degree courses for film students. Film students are usually taught all the techniques of film making which are mainly a film director is needed at the time of making a film.

Such as story-boarding, script writing, film editing, cinematography, acting. Some courses are of five years, some are of less than that. But a film director one needs to know all the tiniest things in the film.

From film making techniques to communication skills, professional in film school. All these things are learned how to deal with an actor.

Field you can join as a Film Director

  • Hindi movie
  • South indian movies
  • regional language movies
  • bollywood movie
  • TV serial
  • TV Commercials
  • Documentary
  • educational movie
  • web series
  • You tube
  • cartoon movies
  • Epics
how to become film director in india
How to become film director in india



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