How to become a pharmacist

Pharmacists have an important role in the field of medicine today. By becoming a pharmacist, you can work in a clinic or a hospital for patients to give prescription drugs to patients. Sometimes a pharmacist is also called a chemist.

In today’s time the pharmacy sector is on a boom, so there is no dearth of career opportunities in this field. If you also want to come in this field, then after passing 12th from PCM or PCB subject. you can fulfill your dream of becoming a pharmacist by doing D Pharma or B Pharma course.

For admission in government and some reputed private colleges, you have to qualify the entrance exam, on the basis of which you will get admission. And in many private colleges, direct admission is available after 12th.

The duration of D Pharma is 2 years and the duration of B Pharma is 4 years. After completing the course, you will have to register with the Pharmacy Council of India in your state. After which you can work as a Pharmacist.

So let’s know how to become a chemist or how to become a pharmacist or how to open your own medical store

Who is Chemist ?

Pharmacist has an important role in the medical field. Pharmacist is also called ‘chemist’. It gives the medicine prescribed by the doctors. There is a post of chemist in all the health centers, hospitals run by the state government. Pharmacist can become a pharmacist in health centers by doing pharmacy course.

By becoming a pharmacist, you can open a clinic to give medicines prescribed by doctors to patients. You can earn a lot of money by opening a medical store to sell medicines. Earnings are very high in this field and career is also secure.

How to become a pharmacist after 12th

B Pharmacy

To be eligible to join B Pharmacy degree course one must have passed 10+2 with 50% marks from Biology, Physics and Chemistry to become a pharmacist

Step 1

Interested candidates have to appear in the entrance exam of CPMT conducted by various state and independent medical educational institutions.

These exams are usually conducted in the month of May-June and are objective type questions based on relevant topics. The results of these exams are usually out from June/July.

However, in some colleges admission is given on the basis of class percentage.

Step 2

One can opt for practical training after completing this 3 years degree course. As well as some job as pharmacist in private or state run nursing home or hospital or a drugstore or some pharmaceutical company may join as pharmacist.

Apart from this, after obtaining the necessary license from the competent authority, you can open your chemist shop.

Fees and other expenses:
The fee for B Pharmacy course in private colleges is around 2-3 lakhs and in government colleges around 50 thousand.

Step by Step Guide How you can Become Pharmacist.

  1. To become a pharmacist, first you have to pass class XII (10+2) in a recognized board science facility.
  2. After passing class XII, one has to do Diploma (D.Pharma) course in Pharmacy.
  3. OR Bachelor in Pharmacy course.
  4. After doing Pharmacy Course, one has to apply for Pharmacist post.
  5. From time to time, notifications come out for the recruitment of chemist vacancies in government health centers and hospitals.
  6. When Pharmacist Vacancy comes out, then you have to apply.
  7. After applying you have to qualify the exam for selection.
  8. By clearing the exam, one can become a pharmacist in government health centers.
  9. Or by doing pharmacy course, you can open your own clinic and sell medicines.
  10. You can earn a lot of money by opening a medical store.

Pharmacist Career Scope

Pharmacist is such a sector in which employment opportunities have never been there, but new employment options are emerging for Pharmacist. Pharmacist is an important position in the healthcare sector. That’s why the Career Scope is bright here.

As a pharmacist, you get a chance to work in departments like hospitals, nursing homes, health centers, ministry of defence, health related government schemes, etc. run under the state government and central government.

Apart from this, Pharmacists can easily get jobs in Private Nursing Homes, Hospitals, Clinics and Dispensaries because at present there is a flood of hospitals in every village and cities, due to which the demand of Pharmacist has increased a lot.

Whereas after D Pharma or B Pharma, you can also make a career in the field of Sales and Marketing. Where you get a chance to work as a medical representative in various drag manufacturing companies. You can also work as a chemist in these companies.

Before taking admission in any pharmacy college, it must be known that that college should be registered with the Pharmacy Council of India. Nowadays, you will also get to see many fraud types of colleges, which can waste both your money and time.

In medical equipment manufacturing companies, only candidates with pharmacy background are preferred for sales and marketing. After doing M Pharma in the pharmacy sector, excellent opportunities are also available in the field of research and teaching.

If you do not want to do a job, then you can earn a lot by opening your own medical store. For this you have to get a drug license from your district. If you do not have the budget, then you can open a Jan Aushadhi Kendra, for which the government also gives you a grant.

How to get Pharmacy license

If a person is engaged in pharmacy business or profession in his state and has passed the approved examination or has the approved qualification under section 14 (or is a registered pharmacist in any other state) then he can also do pharmacy license registration.

To become a Registered Pharmacist, a drug license can be obtained by submitting the prescribed application form clearly filled in by the applicant along with a set of documents and documents to the Pharmacy Council office.

Many students and their parents are worried that after passing the Pharmacy Course, what to do next for Drung License Registration, how to apply for Pharmacy License, how

If you are thinking of opening a medical store, then first of all you should have a certificate of D. pharma, B. pharma, or M. Pharma from a recognized college, on the basis of this certificate, state Drugs standard control organization and Central Drugs standard control. The organization is given the license to open a medical store.

Medical store business in India can be done by opening four types of stores. Township Pharmacy, Hospital Pharmacy, Chain Pharmacy and Stand Alone Pharmacy Stores.

To open a medical store, it is necessary to have a pharmacist degree. Only then can you apply for the license of a medical store. The license of the medical store is issued by the Central and State level Drugs Standard Organization.

There are two types of licenses can be obtained. Retail Drug License (RDL) and Wholesale Drug License (WDL)

Medical store license eligibility

  • Diploma in Pharmacy (D Pharma)
  • Graduation in Pharmacy (B Pharma)
  • Masters in Pharmacy (M Pharma)

One can apply for medical store license only if he possesses any of the above degree.

Documents required to get Medical store license

  • Applicant’s name, address, designation and signed cover letter
  • Photocopy of invoice for drug license fee
  • photocopy of business plan
  • If the documents of the shop are on rent, then the agreement paper
  • Affidavit of Pharmacist
  • Photocopy of the form degree certificate
  • Appointment letter of pharmacist if pharmacist is appointed for medical store
  • refrigerator purchase receipt
  • Passport size two color photographs

Medical store business registration

Medical store business can be registered under four types of category-

Township Pharmacy :

Under this category comes the medical store opened in a particular area. Which meets the needs of medicines related to the residents of that area.

Hospital Pharmacy:

This type of medical store is located inside the hospital and supplies medicines to the patients of that hospital.

Stand Alone Pharmacy:

These types of medical stores are located in residential areas. Like in or around the colony.

Chain Pharmacy :

This type of medical shop has one or more branches within the country or state. Those who keep their own brand name and expand their business by giving franchise of that brand name. Like – Apollo Pharmacy, Sanjeevani Pharmacy, Cipla Pharmacy etc.

Requirements for Medical store

  • It is mandatory to have refrigerator and air conditioner in the medical store.
  • GST registration will be required.
  • Pharmacist degree is required.
  • Pharmacist is required to be present at the shop during the working hours of the shop.

Medical store license online application

  • Click on the link Apply Online for Medical Store License.
  • After filling the application form, click on save option.
  • After this, take a print out of the form and keep a hard copy of it.
  • Then the application form has to be submitted by clicking on the submit option.
  • After this the form registration number will be received. With the help of this number, the status of the application form can be tracked online.
  • Apart from this, the application form registration number will be useful in the process of obtaining license.
  • After this, within 15 days of submitting the online form, the hard copy of the application form along with the necessary documents will have to be submitted to the office of the District Licensing Authority of your district.
  • The information about the acceptance of its application will be received through information on your registered email id and mobile number.
  • Toll free number and email id can be used to solve any kind of problem related to license –

Job Functions of Pharmacist

Pharmacist is posted in private and government hospitals, health centres. They play an important role in any sector related to health.

Their main work is to give medicines prescribed or prescribed by the doctor to the patients of the hospital and health programmes and schemes. It is their responsibility to take care of the availability of medicines in stock.

How to become a pharmacist
How to become a pharmacist

Skills Required for Pharmacist

  • Must have knowledge of English
  • Knowledge of the local language of the posting area is a must.
  • drug information
  • Ability to understand medicine prescribed by a doctor


Conclusion :

We explain to you in this article how you can become a pharmacist, what is necessary to become a pharmacist, how to do pharmacy after 12th class, which courses are necessary to become a pharmacist.

Hope you have liked the above information and if you have, then give a comment in the comment box given below and share this information with your friends.

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