How to become Artificial intelligence Engineer | Machine Learning Engineer

Artificial intelligence is fast becoming a part of lifestyle. Now the craze of people all over the world towards this technology is increasing.

Its use has increased rapidly after the Corona crisis. New career opportunities have started emerging in the country and abroad.

If you are looking for a career path in the new field of IT sector, then you can brighten your future by taking Artificial Intelligence course. According to a research-based report, the scope of AI will triple in the next few years.

If we talk about today, then science has developed a lot, along with the development of science, the development of technology went on. With the development of technology, the use of technology also increased.

Now the situation is that almost everything is being done through technology.

But to run this technology, another technology is needed, that is Artificial Intelligence. If you look, then artificial intelligence is the main part of this technology.

Generally, work in most of the companies in every country is being done with the help of Artificial Intelligence.

What is Artificial Intelligence?

In fact, Artificial Intelligence is not just intelligence but the management and manipulation of data (mathematics).

Artificial Intelligence is created by combining many branches of engineering such as electronics, electricals, computer engineering, software engineering, robotics, mathematics, etc.

In simple and simple language, you build a machine (computer, robot or any chip), feed the data from around the world related to a particular task in that machine and create a software that based on the available data, it can accurately assess the situation. Can do Then on the basis of this assessment, what would be right to do, take the right action by guessing it.

This process is called Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence or AI.

That is, if you have enough data on a particular subject and you learn to manage it through a software, then you too can become a master of Artificial Intelligence.

In AI, everything is based on the data, if the data is wrong then even artificial intelligence will not be able to work in the right direction.

Basically Artificial Intelligence is of two types :

S.noArtificial Intelligence Type
1Research Artificial Intelligence
2Applied Artificial Intelligence
Types of Artificial Intelligence table

Research AI

Research AI intelligence is generally used to discover a new rule, create a new design or improve a device. For example, Research AI is used to improve Google search results.

Applied AI

When Artificial Intelligence is used for use in common life, it is called Applied AI. Countless devices like Apple’s Siri, Amazon’s Alexa and Elon Musk’s self-driving car are examples of applied AI.

How to make Career in Artificial Intelligence like this:

Two things are most important in learning Artificial Intelligence or making a career in it.

  • Computer Science
  • Mathematics

If someone has mastery in one of these and improvised knowledge in the other, then he can very easily reach the top level in artificial intelligence.

To make a career in this field, it is necessary that you have an engineering degree. This degree should be in subjects like Computer Science, Software Technology, Mathematics, Electronics, Electricals. In some places, one has to qualify the entrance exam for admission to the courses.

However, graduate candidates from Computer Science can also work in this field. BTech / MTech graduates, BCA / MCA graduates, BSc IT / MSc IT graduates, software engineers / developers / architects can do artificial intelligence courses.

If the candidate has a bachelor’s degree with a basic knowledge of statistics, probability theory, linear algebra and Python programming language, in addition to a good understanding of Unix tools skills and advanced signal processing techniques, then he can reach the top level in this field. There is no limit to the possibilities and career growth here.

Major Courses in Artificial Intelligence

  • PG Program in Machine Learning and AI – IIIT – Bangalore, IIT Mumbai
  • Foundation of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – IIIT Hyderabad
  • Post Graduate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – Great Learning Institute, Gurgaon
  • Full Stack Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Program – Jigsaw Academy, Bangalore
  • Post Graduate Certificate Program in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning – Manipal ProLearn, Bangalore

Major Colleges, Institutes and universities to learn Artificial intelligence

how to become artificial intelligence engineer
Machine Learning Engineer

How to become AI Engineer in India after 12th

To become AI Engineer after Passing 12th you must have to pursue your study with following courses and skills.

  • Students with basic computer and math’s education can pursue a career in AI.
  • For this, it is necessary to pass class 10+2 (Science) with 50% marks.
  • Graduate candidates from Computer Science can also step into this field.
  • For this it would be better to choose specialization course in AI with B.Sc (Computer Science),
  • Engineering students can go ahead by specializing in AI.
  • Artificial intelligence requires linear algebra, probability, statistics and other mathematical knowledge. Spend more time understanding ‘algorithm’ (mathematical theory) and learn how it works and how to improve it.

How to become Machine Learning Engineer in India

Talking about Machine Learning, it is an application of Artificial Intelligence, which is one of the most powerful technologies today.

Machine Learning Base Machines helps in identifying and analyzing patterns through historical data sets. On the basis of the same data, these systems learn to make classification and decision without any human supervision.

Like we humans learn from our experiences and take better and improved decisions for the future from them. In the same way machine learning techniques train computer systems.

So that knowledge can be taken from the already existing data and better performance can be done in the future.

Today’s time can be called the digital age of machine learning and artificial intelligence. Where everywhere you will see their use.

With the further advancement of technology and economic growth, artificial devices are going to be seen all over the world in the future.

By the end of 2030, there may be an increase of 2.3 million Job positions on artificial intelligence. Meaning the job options and career opportunities available in this field are going to grow very fast in the future.

In such a situation, if you intend to become a Machine Learning Engineer, then it can become a great career option. So let’s first see who are Machine Learning Engineers.

Who Are Machine Learning Engineer ?

Machine Learning Engineers are programmers who create systems and machines that have the ability to learn. This machine can also bring improvements in its work by using what it has learned from its experience.

Machine Learning Engineer creates such codes, programs and patterns which allow the machine to take necessary action in a particular situation.

What are the Responsibilities of Machine Learning Engineer?

  • Using the fundamental algorithms, data structures, and computer architecture of computer science.
  • Using mathematical skills for calculations and computations.
  • Working with algorithms based on programming.
  • Preparing project results, collaborating with data to develop multiple data model pipelines.
  • Managing the data pipeline and infrastructure to produce code.
  • Build algorithms based on different statistical models and processes.
  • Identifying patterns using data evaluation and data modeling strategies.
  • Applying relevant machine learning libraries and algorithms.
  • Analyzing large and complex sets of structured and unstructured data.
  • To conduct research and implement latest technology to improve the organization’s infrastructure.
  • One can become a machine learning engineer who fulfills so many responsibilities.

What things should Machine Learning Engineers have knowledge of ?

Machine Learning Engineer should know basic programming languages ​​like C++, Python, Java and R.


  • Probability
  • Statistical concepts
  • Must have basic knowledge of distributed computing.
  • Must have work experience in at least one unique tool.
  • Applied Mathematics
  • algorithmic models
  • Its applications with Hadoop

There is a lot of job opportunity available for you in machine learning. Because the organization of the whole world needs such export to take a step forward in technology.

Which is extraordinary in its field and if you will be export in your field then you can also get offers from leading organization.

So whatever you do, try to become an export of it. The popularity of machine learning has also made it a popular course. That’s why many institutions have started offering these courses.

Most reputed institutes of India such as IIT ie Indian Institute of Technology, IIM ie Indian Institute of Management and NIT ie National Institute of Technology also offer machine learning courses.

The special thing is that this course is not limited to only technical and scientific institutes and universities, but many educational institutes will also get this course. If you want, you can also do online courses in machine learning and can also join summer programs.

This course is not only done at the graduate and post graduate level, as well as many types of diploma and certificate level courses can also be done.

If you want, you can take an engineering degree by specializing in machine learning. Like BTech MTech and MSc in Machine Learning.

For admission to the undergraduate course in machine learning, you must have passed the twelfth class from the science stream. Rest of the criteria will depend on the college and institute.

If you want to do a post graduate course in machine learning, then you must have a bachelor’s degree in artificial intelligence related courses. For this entrance exams like GATE are conducted.

Now let us tell you the names of some of the best colleges in India from where you can do a course in machine learning.

Best Colleges to become Machine Learning Engineer

  • MISB Bocconi Mumbai, S P Jain School of Global Management Pune.
  • Narsee Monkee Institute of Management Studies Mumbai.
  • Great Lakes Institute of Management Chennai/Gurgaon/Bangluru.
  • Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur.
  • Indian School of Business (ISB) Hyderabad.
  • Indian Institute of Management Bangluru.
  • Chandigarh University (CU) Chandigarh.
  • Lovely Professional University (LPU) Panjab.
  • Institute of Financial and International Management (IFIM) Bangluru.

What is the job in Machine Learning?

  • Machine learning engineer
  • Lead Machine Learning Engineer
  • research scientist
  • data scientist
  • AI Engineer
  • AI and Deep Learning Researcher
  • machine learning expert
  • machine learning scientist
  • software engineer
  • senior software engineer

Artificial Intelligence Engineer salary in India

When it comes to AI jobs, Bangalore has again topped as the most preferred job location for Artificial Intelligence Professionals. Of the 23,000 jobs created in this sector last year, 13,000 were in Bengaluru. After this the number of Delhi, Mumbai and Hyderabad comes.

Talking about the highest salary, Mumbai comes first. Here IT professionals get an average salary of Rs 17 lakh annually. After this, Delhi-NCR gets an average of Rs 15.6 lakh annually. Chennai lags behind in terms of salary. Here only an average salary of Rs 10.8 lakh is available.

Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in India

  • With remarkable progress in the field of robotics, virtual reality, cloud technology, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and other technologies, the possibilities of ushering in the fourth industrial revolution in the near future are being explored in India.
  • According to the CEO of NITI Aayog, artificial intelligence is going to change the way business is done in the country. It will be specially used in innovations especially for the social and inclusive welfare of the country.
  • In such a situation, NITI Aayog’s partnership with Google will lead to many training initiatives, support to startups and Ph.D. AI research will be promoted through the scholarship.
  • The time is approaching for the country to accept futuristic technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to increase capacity in the health care sector, improve education, develop innovative governance systems for citizens and improve the country’s overall economic productivity.

Caution is also important in using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence will revolutionize the way we live and work. Technologies like robotics and virtual reality will revolutionize the way production and manufacturing are done.

According to a study by the University of Oxford, 1.5 million jobs will be lost in the US alone in the next two decades.

We may have to deal with the challenges of employment in the world of artificial intelligence, but the biggest threat will be difficult to avoid.

Therefore, it is clear that there are as many dangers as there are advantages from machines with artificial intelligence.

Experts say that if intelligent robots start considering humans as their enemies for some reason or circumstance, then there can be a danger to humanity.

All machines and weapons can rebel. Such a situation has been imagined in a Hollywood movie like ‘Terminator’.

Intelligent robots are being made with Artificial Intelligence

The latest invention of this time shows the intelligence of artificial intelligence machines. With the help of artificial intelligence, robots are made effective and intelligent.

These types of robots have made their place in many big companies abroad and in the country and are doing such work, which workers and technical workers experience a lot of difficulty in doing.



The concept of Artificial Intelligence is very old. In Greek myths there are stories related to the concept of ‘mechanical man’ i.e. a person who imitates some of our behavior.

Early European computers were designed as ‘logical machines’, that is, they were used as mechanical brains by developing abilities such as basic mathematics, memory. But as technology advanced and calculations became more complex, so did the concept of artificial intelligence.

Under this, an attempt was made to develop them like human behavior, so that they could be able to do more and more human tasks in such a way, the way we all usually do.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai says that we have learned to use fire and electricity for the benefit of humanity, but it is necessary to overcome its bad aspects. Similarly, artificial intelligence is a similar technology and can be used in the treatment of cancer or to address the problems related to climate change.

The creation of Artificial Intelligence is one of the greatest events in the history of our civilization. But the truth is that if a way to avoid its risks is not found, then it can have serious consequences, because despite all the benefits, artificial intelligence has its own dangers.

Overall, the rise of a powerful artificial intelligence can be beneficial as well as harmful for us. At the moment we do not know what its form will be next, so more research is needed in this context.

I hope you have liked this article on the above mentioned topic and if yes then you can give us your opinion in the comment box below.

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