How to become a psychologist

To become a Psychologist, you should have good communication skills, patient, sensitive caring, self-confidence, ability to handle and satisfy clients.

To make a career in psychology, you can first enter this field by doing courses like Bachelor in Psychology, Master in Psychology. The duration of Bachelor’s course is 3 years. The duration of Master’s course is 2 years. You can also do specialization after master’s degree.

You must have often heard about Psychology or Psychologist in movies or in real life. But do you know who is a Psychologist? Maybe you know about it a little long ago, or maybe you don’t know about it at all, but that won’t matter.

Because after reading this complete article today you have all the questions related to Psychology or Psychologist like what is Psychology?

How to become a Psychologist? What are the studies required to become a Psychologist? Which job can we do after becoming a Psychologist? Etcetera. You will get the answers of all these in this article.

What is Psychology?

If put in simple words, Psychology is a subject in which the student is told that how a human’s mind thinks or works, in this, the finer things related to the brain are told, such as under what conditions the person is What is stress, sleep, or anxiety, and how it can be relieved, etc.

Who is Psychologist?

have you ever wondered how a person thinks, or how their behavior changes in different situations, why is it that most people find it very difficult to talk to strangers?

It seems, because words like “hallucination”, “unconscious mind” excite you more and if you are also looking at psychology field as a good career, then you are reading the right post. Due to today’s changing life and many such ambitions, the stress in the life of people is increasing more and more, to get rid of which we have to take the help of Psychologist.

Psychology is also commonly called the science of the mind. Psychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena as well as feelings and thoughts. In this, many things are included in the nature of the person and interesting facts about life etc.

Modern science about human behavior was first introduced in Germany and then it reached all the states during World War I. Psychology came in our country almost 70 years ago, and since then psychologists in our India worked very hard to get psychology recognized as a separate discipline. Is.

Psychologist is a type of doctor, who treats his patients with only therapy without giving medicine. Psychologist treats such patients who are under mental stress or stress due to some reason, or they are addicted to something like running mobile all day, playing games, etc. Apart from this, people who are emotionally sad’ also go to the Psychologist for treatment.

If we say in simple words, then we can say that people who are unable to control their senses or emotions like anger, sadness, love, cruelty, etc. Psychologist teaches them to control these emotions, and for this he gives some help to the patient. Does not give medicine, but teaches to control the mind. Just this process is called Psychology.

Job Role of Psychologist

  1. Psychologist treats without drugs. Tries to reduce the stress of the patient.
  2. Improves psychological health. Equips individuals with new skills.
  3. Relieves disorders like anxiety, depression, addiction.
  4. Treats internal problems, as a result of which mental balance is also corrected.
  5. Psychologists make a substantial contribution to the legal process.
  6. Work on the relationship between the brain and its neuro-psychological functions.
  7. Memory, smell, vision and also help in rehabilitation of patients with brain injuries.
  8. Psychologists are employed in government, private hospitals, private industries and NGOs.
  9. Neurological diseases such as seizures, dementia, tumors, and brain diseases are also cured.

How many types of Psychologist are there?

There are many types of Psychologist. Let us tell you a little about their types and their work.

  1. Development Psychologist:- In this, it is specially taught how children’s brain works. How should parents or teachers deal with children? What if there is something missing in a child? So how should one deal with him? Etcetera. is taught.
  2. Clinical Psychologist:– In this, it is taught how to control common problems of humans like stress, stress, sleep etc., or how to get rid of them.
  3. Cognitive Psychologist:- In this it is taught that how human emotions and memory work, how do we take any decision or how thoughts are formed in our mind towards it after seeing any thing? Etcetera. This psychology has become very popular in the recent times.
  4. Criminal Psychologist:- In this, it is taught about criminals, and it is taught how their mind works, what is their intention, or how they can be changed. Etcetera
  5. Health Psychologist:- The person who does not care about health at all and always keeps on eating anything, how to eat healthy food in their mind and make them aware of their health. Or those who have the habit of smoking, drinking, and drugs, how they get rid of this addiction, it comes in this.
  6. Organizational Psychologists: – While talking to a person, it is taught to find out his original skills by his gestures, such psychologists work in big organizations, and during the job interview, the interviewer’s skills are known by his gestures. does.
  7. Social Psychologists:- How an individual person behaves towards society, how problems coming in relationship can be solved, all this is taught in it.

How to become a psychologist after 12th?

To become a Psychologist, you have to start from 11th class itself.

  1. First of all you have to take Psychology subject in 11th, 12th and pass it.
  2. Then do Bachelor Degree also with Psychology. You have 2 options for this. 1. BA with Psychology 2. B Sc. with Psychology.

To make a good career in psychology, you can get a bachelor’s degree in psychology from any good institute recognized by UGC. At the graduation level, you are taught about all the subjects related to psychology like general psychology, clinical psychology, social psychology, and developmental psychology etc.

Which also helps you to take interest in a certain subject. It has the most theoretical subjects during three years of studies, and generally there are not many job opportunities even after graduation in psychology.

  • After this you can also get a master’s degree in psychology. For this also you have 2 options. 1.MA in Psychology 2. M.Sc in Psychology, you can do any one of these courses, while doing a master’s degree in psychology, you should select one of the branches of psychology (which we have just told you above). Have to do it and focus more on that. So that you can be expert in it.

After completing the graduation level in Psychology, you can also get the degree of Post Graduation in Psychology. If you want to do Post Graduation in Psychology, then for this you have to first pass the entrance exam, and it is very important to have at least 55% marks in graduation, then only you will be able to sit in the entrance exam.

Even if you have not done graduation in psychology, you can apply for postgraduate. But you will get admission in post graduation only after passing the exam. At the post graduation level, you can choose all the subjects according to your choice and specialization.

  • After that you can do a diploma in Psychology or you can also do PhD if you want. And after that you have to register yourself with the Rehabilitation Council of India. So that you can become a Certified Psychologist. After becoming a certified psychologist, you can open your own clinic.

If you want to make a good future in psychology, then doing post graduation is also very important. After doing PhD, students get the opportunity to write psychology research papers in the psychology field of their interest.

Along with this, students complete their internship of about 2-3 months. Internship after psychology is a very important time in the life of a psychologist, where you work and learn under the supervision of a specialist. Which helps you to increase your kill and knowledge.

Career Scope and Salary in Psychology

You can make a very good career in Psychology. Because in the present time, anxiety, stress, sleep, relationship breakdown, getting used to something, etc. is a common problem among people.

Therefore, you can make a good career by doing psychology. After completing psychology, you can easily get jobs in private or government hospitals, in institutes, in research centers, in big organizations and companies. You can also open your own clinic for this.

Let us tell you about different jobs in psychology in detail.

  • Counselor:- As we told you above that nowadays anxiety, stress, sleep, relationship breakdown, getting used to something, etc. have become a common problem, the counselor understands the psychology of the people, understands their mind and After that helps them to solve their problems, that is the job of a counselor. If we talk about the salary of a counselor, then the initial salary of the counselor is 20k to 30k per month. Later it keeps on increasing according to the time.
  • Education Sector:- There is a great need of psychologist in the field of education, such as in schools and colleges and institutes etc. So you can get job in this sector also. If we talk about their salary, then it starts from 20k to 35k, later it keeps increasing.
  • Clinical Psychologist:- You can earn good income by opening your own clinic and helping people to overcome psychological problems like stress, sleep, anxiety etc., but for this you have M. Phil. Must have degree.
  • Organizations:- You can easily get jobs in big organizations and companies too. Because in such companies new employees are being interviewed. A psychologist is also hired for the interview. So that he can read the mind of the candidate who comes for the interview and help the company in choosing good and skilled employees. Their starting salary also starts from around 30,000.
  • Researchers:- In this category those psychologists come who keep on discovering new things or doing new research in the world of psychology, to become a researcher you must have a PhD degree. If we talk about their salary, then it starts 30,000 monthly.
how to become Psychologist
how to become a Psychologist after 12th

Best Institute for Psychology Course in India

Although there are many institutes in India from where you can do psychology, but here we are telling the names of some major psychology institutes in India, in which you can study.

  1. Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh
  2. Ambedkar University, New Delhi
  3. Amity Institute Of Psychology And Allied Sciences, Noida
  4. Banaras Hindu University, Varanasi
  5. Christ University, Bangalore
  6. Delhi University, New Delhi
  7. Fergusson College, Pune
  8. Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi
  9. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
  10. Manipal University, Jaipur
  11. Punjab University, Chandigarh
  12. Sharda University, Greater Noida

What is the difference between Psychologist and Psychiatrist?

Many people think that these two are the same thing, but it is not so. Both of them solve the problem related to the mind, but the Psychiatrist gives medicines to cure the problems related to the brain, but the Psychologist solves the problems of the human being only through therapy.

To become a Psychiatrist, one has to study separately and to become a Psychologist one has to study separately. These two are different things, so it is wrong to call them one.

  • A psychiatrist is a doctor who specializes in identifying and treating mental health problems.
  • Explain that a psychiatrist treats mental and physical stress.
  • Psychiatrists are trained to understand the workings of the brain and the complex relationships between the body and the brain.
  • Due to many reasons, there is a lack of muscles in the human body. This is also a type of disease.
  • For its treatment, one has to go to a consultant, hospital or doctor.
  • For this a psychiatrist is appointed as a doctor.


In today’s article, you learned what is psychology? How to make a career in Psychology? Or How to become a psychologist? Hope you liked this article. If you have any question or suggestion then you can tell by commenting below. Apart from this, if you liked this information, then definitely share it with your friends.


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