How to become a journalist

In today’s time, many people think of become a journalist in view of the glare of the media. If you also want to become a good journalist, then you must read this post of mine. By which you will get proper information about the media industry.

You must be well aware of the importance of a journalist, because in today’s time, from common man to politicians and big officials are also afraid of doing wrong work because of journalists because whenever the journalist raises his voice, the whole country is with him and the journalist is not in any way.

They also do the work of conveying the wrong information to the people through newspapers and news, that is why so much respect is given to the youth associated with this field.

Right now you are thinking of getting into this field, so it would be good for you to collect good information about it first. With which you will be able to easily make a career in Journalism.

Some people come to this field after seeing the external pretense like pride, status, and identity, prestige and glamor of the journalist in the society. But then later only failure comes.

Journalists do a lot of responsibility for the society, they make people aware of their powers, they inform about the good and bad events happening in their society. And they question the government.

The journalist can also answer questions from the government, inspects each and every project of the government thoroughly and removes its flaws and goodness and brings those flaws to us and also brings the good to us.

  1. So that we can be well aware of the policies of the government.
  2. Journalists act as a mirror for any society.
  3. Journalists give us the news of the whole world and inform us about every event going on in the world.
  4. Journalist keeps us connected with the whole world.
  5. Journalists act like a bridge between the government and the people.
  6. The journalist conveys the plans and policies of the government to the people and conveys the problems of the people to the government so that the government can solve the problems of its people and bring good projects to its country.

Journalists analyze every project of the government down to the ground level if there are some flaws in it. So she asks questions to the government on that. Makes the government accountable for answering that question.

You can understand how important a journalist is for a democratic country. The job of a journalist is very responsible, he has to analyze his every single article and every single news very well so that he does not bring some wrong news to his society.

Career Scope In Journalism

News reporter is a very popular post, which is also known as Journalist. News reporter or journalist, media, which is known as the fourth pillar of democracy, has a main position and it is their job to reach the news of the country and the world to the common man.

The person who attains this position is also given good salary along with the name in the world. This is a position in which a lot of people want to work.

First of all let me tell you about the career scope in journalism. Talking about the career scope in Journalism, at present, you can make a very good career in Journalism.

In today’s time, new TV channels and newspapers are being launched day by day. All these news channels appoint their journalists in every big city. So you can get a job in these.

Apart from these, you can also give your services as a journalist in newspapers and magazines.
At present, online media is the most dominant. It is also called digital media or new media.

Under this, news portals, news websites come. In today’s era, there is a new sport launch almost every day. You can easily get a job in these news portals.

The reason for increasing the news portal is that the cost of this media is very less. Anyone can start this by designing a website or news portal in just 10 thousand. It costs very little. Nowadays every news channel, magazines and newspapers also run their own news portal. In which you can look for jobs.

Apart from all these, you can also do job in government news channel, media house.

In this way, whether it is electronic media or print media or online media, there is a lot of demand for journalists in all these. If you have talent then you will not have to wander much for a job in a good channel.

  • Electronic media – News channels come in electronic media.
  • Print Media- Newspapers, newspapers and magazines come in this.
  • Online Media- Online media includes news portals, websites.

Skills Required to become journalist

To become a news reporter, it is necessary for you to get success in 12th from any stream/faculty. Apart from this, it is very important to have good personality, courageous, honest, hardworking, restrained and eloquent etc.

  • To become a news reporter, you should have more thinking ability.
  • You must have courage and patience.
  • You should have the quality of explaining your words to people in simple words.
  • You should have knowledge of both Hindi and English languages.
  • You should have knowledge about computer.

Types of Journalism

The news reporter’s departments are divided to take the news everywhere, but he works only for his department. The first is general reporting, covering ceremonies, speeches, and events. The second is special reporting, its area is much larger. It includes business, political, sports, court, film-cultural activities.

  1. Political Reporting

In this, the work of keeping an eye on Parliament, Legislative Assembly, Ministries, Press-Conferences, political parties and their leaders and political activities of other countries is done.

2. Business reporting

The news reporter who works to bring economic and business news to the people is called business journalism. All kinds of information is provided to the people regarding the matters related to the economy. Which economic step of the government will be beneficial for the public, what benefits will the public get from it. In this way all information is conveyed through business reporting only.

3. Sports Reporting

In this field the reporter should have complete knowledge about the popular sports like sports like cricket, hockey, football and tennis. Along with this, the reporter should also take special care of the technical terms of the games.

4. Crime reporting

The news reporter who brings crime related news to the people should have good knowledge about IPBC, CrPC. Along with this, it will be beneficial if he has a good identity in the police administration as well.

5. Film and Cultural

Only a news reporter can do the work of covering film and cultural news, but to work in this, the reporter must have a good knowledge of all things related to cinema and TV. Along with this, information about music, dance, and other cultural activities of the country and abroad should also be obtained.

Rights of news reporter or Journalist

  • The news reporter has the right to print and publish any idea or opinion.
  • May be involved in public debate, discussion, discussion on public issues.
  • Can publish and print any news according to his mind.
  • Right of publication or publication material i.e. which news is to be broadcast.
  • The news reporter is given the right to review, criticize government departments, government undertakings, government authorities and public servants, work and style of work.
  • A news reporter can fix the price/fee of various media medium, can carry out the activity related to the promotion of the medium, free from official or non-government pressure according to his plan.

List of Courses to become a journalist

If you want to become a journalist, then first of all I want to say that to become a journalist, you should have some qualities like courageous, hardworking, honest, perseverance, calm and simple nature, always having positive thinking etc. We are also telling you information about some important courses related to journalism.

  • Bachelor Of Arts ( Journalist )

These courses are very good for making a career in journalism and you can do this course with very little cost. In this course, you are told important information related to journalism so that you can make a career in journalism.

  1. Minimum Educational Qualification – 12th pass is mandatory and having 50% marks is mandatory
  2. Course Duration – 3 Years
  3. Annual course cost – Rs 25,000 to 1 lakh per annum
  • Bachelor Of Science B.Sc. ( Multimedia & Animations )

This is a technical degree related to journalism, after doing which you can get a job in any major post in journalism and after this course you will get a job in the work of news editor, video maker, visual editing graphic etc. Lives.

  1. Minimum Educational Qualification – 12th pass in Science with minimum 50% marks is mandatory
  2. Course Duration – 3 Years
  3. Annual course cost – Rs 50,000 to Rs 1,50,000 per annum
  • Bachelor Of Journalism And Mass Communication

This is considered to be the best course to become a journalist, after completing this course, you get 100% job in this field. You can get information ranging from advanced journalism, these courses are perfect to become a journalist and after doing this course you can get a job in any big post related to journalism.

  1. Minimum Educational Qualification – 12th pass is mandatory and 50% marks are mandatory
  2. Course Duration – 3 Years
  3. Annual course cost – Rs 50,000 to Rs 2,50,000 per annum

how to do diploma to become a journalist

If you want to do diploma for journalism then your graduation is necessary, you can do diploma for journalism after graduation and you can do diploma if you want to do master’s degree.
The duration of Diploma in Journalism is of 1 year. You can do the following courses for journalism.

  • Diploma in journalism and mass communication
  • Diploma in journalism
  • Diploma in web media or online media
  • Diploma in broadcast journalism
  • Diploma in electronic media
  • Diploma in print media
  • Executive Diploma in Journalism
  • PG Diploma in Journalism and Mass Communication
  • PG Diploma in Broadcast Journalism

Best College to become a journalist

Friends, the way journalists are progressing in our country, in the same way the demand for journalists is increasing, today many colleges in our country are doing this course. Friends, before taking admission in any college, we should first investigate it thoroughly.

We should take information about the placement of that college. There are many famous colleges in our country which make it happen. To get admission in the college you have to give entrance exam.

Indian Institute of mass communication

  1. Indian Institute Of Journalism And New Media, Bangalore
  2. Symbiosis Institute Of Media And Communication, Pune
  3. Asian College of Journalism- Chennai
  4. International Institute of Mass Media (IIMM)
  6. Film and Television Institute of India, Pune
  7. Lady Shri Ram College For Women, New Delhi
  8. Christ College, Bangalore
  9. School Of Communication, Manipal
  10. Delhi College Of Arts And Commerce, New Delhi
  11. Indraprastha College For Women, New Delhi
  12. Kishinchand Chellaram College
  13. Kamala Nehru College, New Delhi
  14. Madras Christian College

Job and Responsibilities as a Journalist

  • To create a story, you will get assignments or you will have to check important things or information.
  • The information related to the story you will do will have to be researched so that you can give accurate and complete information.
  • In order to broadcast or publish news, you will need to create a report that contains information about the incident and the story behind it.
  • You must gather information and data through interviews, research, experience or by attending events related to news, politics, arts, sports, social issues.
  • Notes made from news events will need to be re-read and checked so that you can extract the most important information and facts from it.
  • You will also need to investigate any breaking news, crime, accident or matters related to the general public.
  • Audio, text, or video copy must be scrutinized and tested for grammar, content (story), or punctuation errors by taking into account formatting guidelines, word limits, and editorial methods Will have to improve
  • You have to write on specific areas like green technology, medicine, environmental issues, politics, science, arts, sports, business, consumer issues, crime, religion or education etc.
  • The length, need and format of a news item to be published or broadcast, will also have to be decided and the information will have to be placed in the story accordingly.
  • By understanding and analyzing the latest issues, news or personal experiences, you need to create an idea or story for a commentary or column.
how to become journalist in india
how to become journalist in india


Friends, in this article, we learned about the journalist, why is the journalist important for our society, what is the role of the journalist in our society and we have known every small and big information related to the journalist in this article.

Friends, I hope that I was able to answer all your questions and you must have enjoyed reading this article, if still you have any question or any suggestion in your mind, then you can tell us by commenting.


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