How to become a Yoga Teacher in india

If you also want to serve the people in the field of health, if you want to make a career in the field of yoga teacher, then there are many employment opportunities for you in government and private sector.

Every person wants to be healthy in their life through yoga, according to a disciplined science, yoga helps in establishing coordination between human body and soul. This is the reason why everyone needs a yoga guru.

In our country, yoga is considered to be a very ancient art to be physically and mentally healthy, which saves human beings from diseases and motivates them to live life in the future.

The importance of Yoga teacher increases in the present lifestyle because where earlier different types of yoga were done by human beings during the performance of their regular tasks.

At the same time, today man has more mental work than physical work and human life has become very easy as compared to earlier.

This is the reason that due to lack of physical work and high mental stress, the human body is becoming the home of many diseases.

Therefore, exercise is needed to keep the human body disease-free and healthy, and if exercise is done in a wrong way by a person, it can harm instead of giving benefit. This is the reason why a Yoga teacher is needed to teach people to do yoga in the right way.

If we talk about yoga, then it is not only an exercise, but along with exercise it is a disciplined science that helps in harmonizing the mind, body and soul of man.

And due to this harmony, it helps a person to attain good health and eternal happiness. That is why it can be said that a Yoga Teacher not only teaches yoga postures and pranayama to individuals but also guides you completely in the form of achieving good health and eternal bliss.

Since the present lifestyle has reached the sky of competitiveness and where there is competition, everyone keeps on running to get ahead of each other. And this race snatches everything from man’s sleep, rest, health.

Apart from this, adulteration in food and physical indolence also keeps on ruining our health. In such a situation, people are becoming aware and their tendency is towards yoga, so the demand for yoga teacher is also increasing rapidly in the country.

Who are Yoga Teachers?

If the candidate wants to become a professional yoga teacher then he has to do a certificate diploma or degree course in yoga after class 12th. The candidate has to practice for a few years after obtaining the certificate or degree.

Also, a yoga professional has to be registered with the Quality Council of India (QCI), which provides various quality standards. Also, the exam conducted on the basis of Yoga teacher has to qualify with prescribed marks.

Candidates will have to work diligently to complete the course and training, but keep in mind, Yoga offers courses ranging from 1 year to 3 years.

Sometimes Yoga Teacher is also called Yoga Instructor, as teacher means, we all know that the job of a teacher is to teach.

Just as a teacher who teaches Hindi is called a Hindi teacher, a teacher who teaches English is called an English teacher, in the same way a teacher who teaches yoga is called a Yoga teacher.

A yoga teacher or instructor is proficient and skilled in the discipline of yoga to impart the knowledge of yoga to the people or students who want to learn yoga.

It is meant to say that a teacher who can provide information related to the discipline, rules of yoga to his students or trainees with dexterity and skill, in the true sense he can be called a yoga teacher.

Institute and Syllabus to become a Yoga Teacher

If you want to become a yoga teacher, you have to study hard and you should know about the skills of yoga and benefits of yoga.

To become a yoga teacher it is necessary to be physically and mentally fit. To be successful in the exam, you must study the syllabus of physical education and yoga thoroughly.

Many questions related to yoga are asked in the yoga exam, as well as knowledge of the subject of asanas should also be there.

It is necessary for the candidate to know about various sports competitions related to state and central government sports, as many questions related to sports are asked from the candidates.

Also, to keep yourself fit, you should exercise in the morning and teach yoga exercises to people on an exercise basis.

there are some institutes where one has to complete long training of two to three years to become a yoga teacher. Although most of the certificate and diploma courses can be done after 12th. Apart from this, if the student wants after 12th, he can also get a graduation degree in Yoga.

Following is a list of some of the major courses related to Yoga.

  1. Certificate Course in Yoga
  2. Diploma in Yoga
  3. PG Diploma in Yoga
  4. B.A. yoga
  5. B.Ed Yoga
  6. Bachelor of Naturopathy and Yoga Science
  7. M.A. yoga

Following is the list of some famous institutes.

  • Dev Sanskriti Vishwavidyalaya, Haridwar
  • The University of Patanjali, Haridwar
  • Swami Vivekananda Yoga Rituals Institute, Bangalore

Skills Required to become Yoga Teacher

However, to become a yoga teacher, one needs to get training from a recognized and reliable yoga school. It is meant to say that only certificates and degrees are not enough to become a yoga teacher, but the aspirant should have some other skills, whose list is something like this.

  • It is very important for a yoga teacher to have interest and belief in yoga, apart from this, training and experience in yoga is also very important.
  • Personal fitness of the person should also be good and physical strength and flexibility is also very important.
  • They should know to care about others and should be interested in other people. And they should also have the ability to motivate group or individual individuals.
  • Good communication skills and commercial skills are also necessary to start your business.
  • Since yoga is such an exercise that no human can ever learn completely, therefore a yoga teacher should not only know how to teach yoga but also learn.

How to become a Certified Yoga Teacher

As we have already mentioned in the above sentences that to become a Yoga Teacher, first of all a person has to do any certificate, diploma or degree course in Yoga. And after getting the certificate or degree, he should spend some years in practice so that he can get more knowledge related to yoga. And after that register yourself as a Yoga Professional with the Quality Council of India.

  1. Clear 12th Standard:

Although in order to become a yoga teacher, one should know how to teach yoga to people, so to become a certified yoga teacher, there is no mention of any formal education anywhere. But it is very important for the student to have at least intermediate passed.

It is very good if the student has any one subject Yoga in class XII. But even if it is not there then still the student can do B. a. And one can do B.Sc or any other diploma and certificate course in Yoga.

  1. Complete the Course in Yoga :

A student who wants to become a Yoga Teacher after class XII will have to choose any one course according to his ability. The student can choose from certificate, diploma or degree course. However, entrance exams can also be conducted by some popular and famous yoga schools.

If you do a degree course in yoga, then after that you can also do BEd in yoga and can also join master’s degree program. Keep in mind that there are courses of duration ranging from one month to three years in yoga, so choose the courses wisely. And work diligently to complete the course or training so that you can be successful in becoming a Certified Yoga Teacher in the coming time.

  1. Practice for a few years:

After taking a course in yoga, a person who wants to become a yoga teacher should practice yoga intensively for a few years. Because at present the quality of yoga is also very important.

Therefore, registration in the Quality Council of India is possible only when the person has not only certificate or degree but also practical knowledge. Because only then the person will be able to pass the examination conducted by the Yoga Registration Board.

  1. Register with The Quality Council of India:

If you want to become a good quality yoga teacher, you have to register for certificate qualification based on Quality Council of India.

Under which the aspirant has to qualify the examination conducted under QCI with prescribed marks to obtain any one of the certificates as per Level-I, Level-II, Level-III.

If you also want to register for Quality Council of India Exam then you can apply on the basis of QCI Exam.

Different fees have been prescribed by the Yoga Certification Board at different levels. For which candidates can apply according to the registration fee and examination fee.

Since India is also known as the father of yoga, the government has taken several steps to discourage unreliable yoga institutes and yoga teachers and increase the quality of yoga education. It is meant to say that the government has tried to curb unreliable certificates and teachers related to yoga.

The Government of India launched a scheme for voluntary certification of yoga professionals, a day soon after the first International Day of Yoga was observed all over the world on 21 June 2015.

The scheme is being consulted by the Department of AYUSH and the Quality Council of India (QCI) which provides quality standards for various sectors has developed this voluntary certification scheme for yoga professionals. The certification under this scheme is divided into three levels.

  • Level 1 Yoga Protocol Instructor ( This certificate is valid for 5 years. )
  • Level 2 Yoga Wellness Instructor ( This certificate is valid for 3 years. )
  • Level 3 Yoga Teacher and Evaluator ( This certificate is also valid for 3 years. )

To obtain any of the above certificates, a yoga professional has to pass the examination conducted by the Quality Council of India with prescribed marks.

So if you also want to register for QCI Exam to become a Yoga Teacher, then you can contact the authorized personal certification body. Their list is given on its official website.

The Yoga Certification Board has prescribed different fees for different levels of certification. In this also the enrollment fee and examination fee have been fixed separately.

Earning Opportunities for Yoga Teacher

By becoming a Yoga Teacher, a person has both the options of earning by establishing his own business and earning by doing a job. That is because even though yoga may not get much respect at the international level till a few years ago, but when in December 2014, the United Nations declared June 21 as International Yoga Day.

And the first International Yoga Day was celebrated on 21st June 2015. Since then not only in India but people all over the world have accepted the health benefits of Yoga and also made Yoga a part of their life.

This is the reason that at present the demand for Yoga Teacher remains in various institutions and health centers as well.

Apart from this, people of small and big societies also like to do yoga under the supervision of a yoga teacher. After the inclusion of yoga in the school curriculum, there is a need for a yoga teacher in government and private schools as well.

how to become yoga teacher in india
how to become yoga instructor in india


So friends, in this article we told you about the yoga teacher. Like, what is a yoga teacher, what does it work, how to become a yoga teacher, qualifications to become a yoga teacher, etc.

Also, we talked about the salary of a yoga teacher. Apart from this, if you still have any question or suggestion related to this, then you can tell us in the comment.


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