How to learn Ethical Hacking in India

In today’s time, problems related to hacking have to be faced while working on the Internet.

Hacking is becoming very famous in the world, the interest of people is increasing towards hacking. There is a lot of curiosity about hacking in the youth.

Many people want to become a hacker, for this many private colleges conduct hacking courses in institutes. With its help you can become a hacker.

If you also want to do Ethical Hacking Training Course, then you can get information about it here. Let us tell you that there is a difference between Ethical Hacking and Hacking.

The demand for Online Hacking Courses has increased very fast. Many people want to learn Ethical Hacking.

In hacking, hackers try to gain access by taking advantage of the vulnerability of a system by hacking the system. Whereas ethical hackers search for vulnerability in the system with the permission of Honor so that the security issue can be fixed and the hackers can not take advantage of it.

The technical skills of Ethical Hacking are told. Before proceeding for this course, let us tell you that you should have basic knowledge of computer. Apart from this, you should have Windows machine and Linux Operating System.

Who is Hacker ?

A hacker is one who uncovers the shortcomings of a product and finds new suggestions to correct it.According to the world of electronics, a hacker is a person who finds weak points in any computer, computer programs or network (Network: Internet is made up of many networks) and finds its solution.

Weak points or loop holes in the internet world are called vulnerabilities.

I thought it necessary to define the word Hacker because whenever a person speaks Hacker, a misconception automatically arises in our mind.

And as a result of this we feel that hackers are always wrong who are causing havoc all over the world and hence it is infamous.

How many types of Hackers

  1. White Hat Hacker – Good Hacker ( only do legally hacking )
  2. Gray Hat Hacker – Neither Good nor Bad (50:50)
  3. Black Hat Hacker – The Bad Guy ( involved in illegal’s activities on internet )

1. White Hat Hacker

You can also call these hackers heroes of the internet world.

White Hat Hackers prevent bad things from happening and make the Internet a safer place. In other words, these hackers fight with bad people who are known as Black Hat Hackers.

White hat hacker is called Ethical Hacker.

An Ethical Hacker first takes permission for any kind of testing on Internet technology, from the owner of that technology, which is legally valid. If he does testing for a private or public (government) organization, then first he has to get permission from that organization.

This means that you as an Ethical Hacker are associated with any organization and work for them.

White Hat Hacker follows the right path and follows all government rules and regulations.

2. Gray Hat Hacker

As the name suggests, these hackers have the characteristics of a little white and a little black.

This means that they are neither completely innocent nor completely criminal.

These hackers are called mischievous (naughty) and notorious (notorious) hackers in the world of internet hacking.

Gray Hat Hackers do not take any permission from any organization to launch testing or attack. But their intentions are not wrong. Their purpose is not to harm any organization. They do all this just for fun.

But still, it is not wrong, because on whichever organization you are testing, first you have to get permission from them.

Gray hat hackers occasionally violate the rules but they do not launch any kind of harmful or malicious attack.

3. Black Hat Hacker

This is the hacker about whom we always hear in news channels and newspapers. And this is the person due to which we have been misunderstood the word “Hacker”.

As we call White Hat Hacker as hero, on the contrary we can call this type of Hacker as villain.

He actually plays the role of a villain, whose only aim is to harm people and steal their data.

This also clearly shows that these hackers do not take any kind of permission before launching any attack.

Black Hat Hackers do not work under or for any organization. Even if he does, then that organization is not valid from any government authorities. This means that these people always live in darkness, there is no golden future for them.

What do Ethical Hackers do?

As a hacker in companies, you have to fulfill some basic duties like this.

  1. Finding and reporting problems in software or any website [Bug finding]
  2. Monitoring the activities of the network and solving any issue if it comes.
  3. Doing penetration testing and intrusion testing for any application and infrastructure.
  4. As a hacker, it is your duty to keep the important documents or data (Assets) of the company you are working for safe (preventing them from being vulnerable).
  5. You always have to do scanning in your network and system after some time interval so that your network is always error (loophole) free and does not have any kind of weak points (vulnerabilities).
  6. If there is any kind of security violation in your network then you will have to do research or investigation about the facts behind it (root cause analysis)
  7. As an Ethical Hacker, you have to analyze network packets and logs.
  8. An Ethical Hacker (White Hat Hacker) uses the same skills and tools to do the same thing that a Black Hat Hacker also does.
  9. The only difference is that White Hat Hacker does all this work according to the rules and regulation of the government without breaking any cyber law (violate).

What is the scope of Ethical Hacking in India?

As you know internet is expanding very fast. In view of the expansion of the Internet, nowadays all the companies are present on the Internet to increase their business. Even you and I have been subjected to the Internet. As you are reading this article “How to become an Ethical Hacker” by using internet service.

As we know that internet technology is increasing at a very fast pace, as a result of this, the risk of security is also increasing for us. Security is an important issue and will remain so in the coming times, if it is not safe to use internet then what would be the point of using this advance technology.

Now all countries are also using hacker as a way to increase their military power. In countries like China, Iran, America, Russia, there is a separate army of hacker which keeps on doing cyber attacks on enemy countries and tries to spoil every type of system there. But India and other countries are also now using cyber warriors or hackers as military power for their security, so that they protect and protect their native.

Now it has happened that no matter how unsafe the internet is, we cannot stop using the internet. This means that we have only one option left, keeping the Internet secure means preventing Black Hat Hackers and protecting the network and system from their dangerous attacks.

Every day some Black Hat Hacker creates and launches a new virus. It means to say that the internet world needs someone who is capable of stopping all these dangerous viruses and attacks; So we need a White Hat Hacker to fight. Meaning if you choose the career path of Ethical Hacking and work hard then your future will be bright.

Although thousands and millions of new hackers are created every year in India, but very few of them have the ability to become an Elite Hacker. So if you choose this career then keep in mind that you have the ability to become a good hacker.

Is ethical hacking a right career option ?

It completely depends on you that how much you are curious to go in any field and how much you will contribute to make the future in this, how hard you will work.

After doing hacking course, candidates are selected for the post of Security Administrator, Network Security Specialist and Forensic Organizations in various multinational companies, small and medium sized enterprises. Similar posts are created in all departments in the government sector as well, you can apply for these posts after the advertisement is issued.

Along with this, if you find a bug in any app or website of any big company like Apple, Facebook, Google, IBM, then for this you are also given a bounty amount, which is how serious the bug is and how much it can impact. is determined on it. It usually starts at a thousand dollars and can go up to a million dollars.

Hacking is no less than magic, as it takes many years of hard work for you to become a good magician, in the same way to become a magician of Digital World, you have to make many papads and keep learning from your mistakes. Becoming a good ethical hacker is not as easy as you think

  • If you are always curious to know new things then this career option is for you.
  • If you love technology then this career option is for you.
  • If you are fond of computers (not for playing games ) and you are interested to know how we can run the internet in this work, then this career option is for you.
  • If you want to know how the Internet world works, then becoming an ethical hacker is right for you.
  • If you want to do something big or interesting in your life, then you should definitely think about becoming an Ethical Hacker.

Required Education to become an Ethical Hacker

You do not need any Degree and Certification to become an Ethical Hacker.

To be successful in the field of hacking, you must have good knowledge of computer programming. To acquire this knowledge, you must have a degree in computer science, information technology or computer engineering.

Apart from this, you should have sufficient knowledge of the programming language and the operating system used in the computer such as Windows or Linux.

Your knowledge is more important for this field, but you should have excellent knowledge. This means that you will have to become a master of ethical hacking, which you will become with your own hard work.

Most of the students follow this education system to become Ethical Hacker.

  1. Education 1: You should be 12th class pass from any site (Arts/Commerce/Science)
  2. Education 2: Bachelor’s Degree

Although you can take a degree in any subject, but according to the demand of the industry, students with computer related stream get more preference. To become an Ethical Hacker, most of the students prefer to do graduation in these following subjects.

  • BCA (Bachelor of Computer Applications)
  • B.Sc in Computer Science
  • B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
  • B.Tech in Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Certification of Ethical Hacking
  • CCNA Certification
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • PG Diploma in Cyber Law
  • Certificate Course in Cyber Law
  • Advance Diploma in Ethical Hacking
  • Certified Information Systems Security Profession
  • ssc cyber forensics and information security
  • PG Diploma in Digital and Cyber Forensics

Many companies demand for certification, because they have to show that to take projects; There are so many certified Ethical Hacker in our company.

For certification, you have to register for the exam by visiting the website of EC-Council. EC-Council provides the certificate of ethical hacking.

Tip: Before taking CEH certification, you should think about CompTIA Network + certification once.

How to become an Ethical Hacker?

So let’s know how to become a Ethical Hacker?

The step-by-step process to become Ethical Hacker. Master Hacker is called Elite Hacker in the world of internet.

  • Step No. 1 :- Learn about Computer Hardware and Software

You should know about the hardware and software components inside the computer. You must know how to run a computer, after all you are going to be a hacker, whose job will be to hack computers.

  • Step No. 2 :- Problem Solving Ability

The job of Ethical Hacker is to find out the problem in the network and solve them. There are many such apps (Google app store) available on the Internet which will help in improving your ability.

  • Step No. 3:- Learn and Command on Linux

Linux is a very good and powerful operating system for an ethical hacker. So if you want to become a better hacker then you must know how to operate Linux. There will be hardly any hacker in the world who does not know how to run Linux.

  • Step No. 4 :- Develop Skills Within You

Your skill is the most important thing in making you a successful hacker. A Master Hacker mostly has to have knowledge of each and every technology.

A good hacker is the one who keeps himself up to date according to the technology. This is the only Guru Mantra to become an Elite Hacker.

  • Step No. 5 :- Do More Practice and Practice

The skills that you have developed inside you, you should keep practicing them on a practical side. The more practical you do on your own, the clearer you will become and your concepts will also become better.

By continuing to practice, your power of thinking and the power to observe will continue to increase, which will benefit you in moving forward in your career.

  • Step No. 6 :- Get Certification from Reputed Institute

If seen on the practical side, there is no need for certification to become an Ethical Hacker. Your hacking skills set only gives proof to the front that you are a good hacker. But companies (especially in India) sometimes demand certification for jobs.

An Important Tips for Beginners Ethical Hackers

If you run Windows operating system in your computer then you will have to get used to using Linux operating system.

Because many hacking tools and software do not support in Windows or Mac operating system.

You should install Kali Linux operating system in your computer.

Kali Linux is one of the Linux distribution, which is the most popular and necessary operating system for hacking.

You can install Kali Linux on your computer or laptop in two ways.

  • Option 1. Install as primary OS: Install Linux in the same way as you would put windows in your computer. If Microsoft Windows or any other operating system is already installed in your computer, then overwrite Kali Linux on your first OS.
  • Option 2. Virtual Machine: If you are using Microsoft windows in your computer and you do not have to overwrite it then it does not matter. You have to install a virtualization software in your running computer.

VirtualBox and VMware are two very popular virtualization software in the market. You can watch this video for complete installation guide.

Software and Tools used by Ethical Hacker

By the way, there are many tools and hacking software available on the internet, so it is impossible to include all the software in this list. And learning to check all the software and run them one by one will be quite a hectic process for you, so here I will tell you only about the important tools or software, using which you can learn a lot in the beginning itself.

These are some of the following famous software and tools that an Ethical Hacker uses.

  • Wireshark
  • Metasploit
  • NMAP
  • Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
  • Nessus
  • Hashcat
  • Social Engineer Toolkit
  • Maltego
  • John the Ripper
  • Netsparker

Skill Required to become an Ethical Hacker

The most important thing for an Ethical Hacker is his skills. If you have skill then you do not need any degree and education. So let’s know what are the skills set you should have as an Ethical Hacker.

  • First of all you should know how to run a computer
  • curiosity to learn digital network
    Programming Languages: C, C++, JavaScript, Java, Oracle, Python, Ruby, HTML, PHP, CSS, and SQL etc.
  • To become an Ethical Hacker, you need to have knowledge of programming language, but it is not necessary that you should be very expert in it. To become a good ethical hacker, programming language is necessary.
  • If you are planning to learn a programming language, then you should learn Python, because nowadays it is very popular and will be there in the coming time (mostly all the advanced technology is using python). Apart from this, you should learn SQL, this will let you know about the database, and you will be able to know how the data is stored and how it should be used.
  • Operating Systems: Linux, Windows & Mac OS.
  • Knowledge of technologies: Networking, web, telecommunications, cloud computing, IOT (Internet of Things) and any kind of latest technologies.
  • Security: Firewalls, Cryptography, Encryption and Decryption, SSL, HTTP, HTTPS, IPsec, Private and Public Key Infrastructure etc.
  • Practical Exposure: To become an ethical hacker, practical knowledge is very important. That’s why you have to launch more and more hacking attacks and observe them.
  • Logical Thinking: Think Like a Black Hat Hacker but don’t become like him.

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