How to make a career in Event Management in india

Whatever the event, glamor, charm and style are the first demands of every event today. Be it any function of home or office party, wedding season or get-together, the event manager works to organize every event properly.

If you also like to handle such programs, then you should also make this hobby your career and become an event manager.

Event Management Event Management is emerging as a popular career option in the present time due to different types of events.

Apart from the job, there are plenty of opportunities for self-business in this career. In such a situation, you can choose a career in the field of event management according to your choice.

If you are interested in making a career in the field of event management. So want to get complete information about it. So you must read this article once in detail. In this article we are going to tell you how to make a career in event management.

What is Event Management?

According to the changing times, things also keep on changing. Therefore, in the present time, the way of organizing the event is also changing. 20, 30 years ago from today, people used to do most of the event related work themselves.

But today new companies are opening in the market to do these tasks. Therefore, at present, an event management company is needed to organize a wedding function, birthday celebration, product launching event, fashion show, award function, or any kind of seminar.

Therefore, the companies that organize the events, to increase their reputation, hire different professional youth so that there is no shortage in the program. Therefore, the demand for youth to work in event management companies is increasing continuously.

At present, there are more than 2000 companies managing events in India. This area is better for the youth who have a good understanding about the event.

Skills to Build a Career in Event Management

To make a career in the field of event management, it is very important to have some skills within the youth, only then they can make a long career in this field.

It is very important to have good imagination power, good budgeting, knowledge, long working hours, perfect planning, good communication skills, presentation skills, leadership quality, good public relations, marketing and business knowledge.

  • Must be confident
  • It is very important to know how to control anger
  • Must have the ability to make the right decisions
  • It is very important to do the work properly under the pressure of work.
  • have a good personality
  • it is very important to be positive minded
  • The team should come together well
  • It is very important to have the skill to do any work better in less cost.
  • It is very important for us to work with patience

Qualification to join Event Management

To make a career in event management, you must have done 12th or graduation from any stream. If you want to do bachelor degree or diploma in event management, then you can do event management course after 12th.

Master in Event Management or PG Diploma in Event Management, MBA in Event Management requires a graduate. The duration of Bachelor’s degree is 3 years, Diploma is 2 years, Master’s degree is 2 years. Along with this, you can also do certificate course of 6 months under Event Management.

Admission is also available directly in Bachelor, Master, Diploma courses in Event Management. Some big institutes give admission on the basis of entrance exam.

Direct admission is also available in private institutes in MBA in Event Management. But for admission in the same government and good MBA colleges, IBSAT for admission is done through CAT, MAT, SNAP, NMAT exam conducted by GMAC.

To start a career in the field of event management, it is necessary for the youth to have at least a graduate in any field. There are good career opportunities in this field after graduation.

Most of the institutes offer certificate and diploma courses to study event management in India.

From where you can do these courses. Where you are taught about the topics related to organizing the event. Due to the lack of qualified youth in this field, event companies also select students who have completed degree or diploma courses in public relations, hospitality management, sales or marketing.

After doing these courses, the chances of getting a job increase a lot. Therefore, by doing these courses, you can start your career in the field of event management.

Some courses related to event management

  1. Certificate Course in Event Management
  2. Diploma in Event Management
  3. PG Diploma in Media and Event Management
  4. Bachelor in Event Management
  5. BSc in Event Management
  6. BBA in Event Management
  7. BA in Event Management
  8. Master in Event Management
  9. MBA in Event Management

Job Options in Event Management

To do jobs in this field, many companies in India give you the opportunity, in which youth are selected for different posts. Where you can choose the post according to your skill and ability.

  1. event planner
  2. event organizer
  3. event coordinator
  4. Creative Event Marketing Manager
  5. business development executive
  6. Event Executing Officer
  7. PR and Event Manager
  8. customer care executive

Job Opportunities in event Management

At present, the scope of event management is increasing in every field, big companies organize luxury events before launching their products in the market. The responsibility of organizing which is given to the event management companies.

Due to the increasing digitization of the government and sports events, such activities are being encouraged. Event management companies award functions, national international conventions, fashion shows, stage shows of films, dance shows and seminars of any kind, etc. Events are organized by event management companies.

In such a situation, youth are needed in event management companies to organize these events. Due to which there are good career opportunities in event management companies for the youth. In which you can choose your post according to your choice

The biggest thing about working in this field is that when you have a good understanding and knowledge about all types of work related to event management. That is, if you get good experience in event management, then you can start your own business by forming your own team.

Challenges in Event Management

Sometimes the event starts from its own time and goes on for more than the scheduled time. Due to which you may have to work longer hours. You have to stay there till the end of the program.

Due to the large scope of work in large events, different parts of the function are subjected to different specialists. Like the event space manager takes care of this. How to decorate the venue as expected, as a catering service manager, services are taken for those people.

How to start career in event management

Students who want to make a career in the field of event management can do it at school or college level only. Different types of programs are organized for the students in the school or college.

You can learn about organizing events by helping school administration in organizing these programmes.

Best Colleges to do Event Management Course

  1. National Institute of Event Management, Mumbai
  2. Indian Institute of Management Science, Delhi
  3. International Center for Event Management, Delhi
  4. National Institute of Fashion and Events Jabalpur
  5. Event Management Development Institute, Mumbai
  6. College of Events and Media, Pune
  7. National Institute for Media Studies, Ahmedabad
  8. Amity Institute, New Delhi
  9. Institute of Mass Communication Film and Television, Calcutta
  10. Apeejay Institute of Mass Communication, Delhi
  11. Impact Institute of Event Management, Delhi
  12. Asian Academy of Film and Television, Noida
  13. NIMS University, Rajasthan
  14. Noida International University, Noida
  15. Lovely Professional University, Punjab
How to make a career in Event Management
How to make a career in Event Management


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