How do Become Professional Photographer in India

in today’s time, photography is becoming a good career option by rising above the hobby. Nowadays everyone is fond of photography. Talking about personal photos or selfies, you will find every other person crazy about photography.

To be honest, photography is an art that requires visual command as well as technical knowledge. Photography is a good option to start a career for students who have a lot of attachment to nature. You can earn lakhs of rupees a month by making a career in photography.

There are many ways to become a professional photographer. If you want, you can become a professional photographer even without doing this course.

It is said that where there is a will there is a way. This is absolutely true. If you have passion, then you can learn very well from YouTube only. And apart from this, its tutorials are also available in many places. From where you can start learning it.

You can become a professional photographer within 6 months to a year. Today I will tell you about the various methods from which you can learn it and become proficient in it.

What is photography

Photography is a great medium to express yourself. Photography is the art hidden inside the person and the medium of creative expression. Some people do photography work since childhood as their hobby, it is good for those people to make a career in the field of photography.

Photography is such a career field where the person has to capture good pictures in his camera and bring his different movements in front of the world. Today, photography has become a trend in every small and big event, in fashion shows, and in other places than in the media sector.

Qualities of being a good photographer

It is necessary to have a lot of professionalism in the field of photography because in this field you cannot work according to your mind. After coming to this area, you may have to do photography in the fierce forest many times. You have to keep yourself aware of new photography tools and lenses.

Choosing the right angle is also very important for capturing photos. Waiting for a good photo is also an important part of earning a name in this field, which can be from day to year. It is necessary for a good wildlife photographer that he can identify the beauty of nature properly.

Photography is an appealing career

Although there are many options for the job nowadays, for the one who is fond of taking photographs, photography is considered to be a good appealing career. Through photography, a career is considered a very good option. It is considered a very good appealing field for a career.

Let us tell you that there are many opportunities to make a career in photography. You can make a career in any type of photography by learning it.

You can advance in the field of photography in many ways. You can earn good money by becoming a freelance photographer. If you do professional photography then you can earn a good income by becoming a freelancer.

You can also earn good money by doing wedding photography. Wedding photography is always in demand. You can also open your own studio. And you can earn a lot.

Apart from this, you can also make a career in the field of food photography, wildlife photography, nature photography, etc.

You can also make a career by doing photography in media. For this, you have to contact them.

Educational Qualification for Photography

To do a photography course, it is mandatory to have the 12th pass. Where it is offered as an optional Bachelors degree in Fine Arts subject. The same few colleges also offer it as a part-time course along with a degree course. Some colleges offer a three-year BA in photography. Course facilities are available.

Courses to become a good photographer

  • fashion and photography
  • professional photography course
  • Diploma in Digital Photography
  • Professional Course in Camera Department Assistant
  • Course in Basic Photography
  • Course in Basic Photography
  • Practical principal photography course.

Personal Attributes to Becoming a Photographer

People think that it is very easy to make a career in the field of photography, but it is not so, to make a career in the field of photography, you must have artistic, connoisseur eyes and technical knowledge. Becoming a photographer requires a lot of hard work and confidence. Apart from this, the photographer should have such interpersonal skills. With which he can easily deal with clients, advertisers, publishing agencies, and designers.

Job Opportunities for Photographers

Nowadays photography has become such a trend that getting a job in this field is not a difficult task. A lot of options can be found for jobs in the field of photography. You can get opportunities in many places for jobs in the field of photography. There are many career options in photography like fashion photography, photojournalism, motion picture photography, still photography, digital photography, color photography, black and white photography, and portrait photography.

Salary in photography

In the field of photography, you can earn around Rs 5500-9000 per month in the beginning. 30,000 to 60,000 as the experience increases in this field.

Best institute for photographer Courses

  1. Jamia Millia Institute of Mass Communication Research Centre, New Delhi.
  2. Film and Television Institute (FTI) Pune.
  3. Asian Academy of Film and Television, Delhi.
  4. JJ School of Applied Art, Mumbai.
  5. St. Xavier’s College, Mumbai.
  6. Fergusson College, Pune.


Friends, photography is also an art like writing, acting, dancing, singing, etc. Similarly, photography is also an art. You can go a long way in this field if you have learned this. Because to get top in any field it is very important to become professional in it.

Today’s article must have helped you a lot. You must have understood how to become a professional photographer, courses for professional photography, and how to make a career in photography.

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