How to Join Merchant Navy

There are immense career opportunities in Merchant Navy. Merchant Navy personnel play the most important role in the global trade of any state.

The career of the merchant navy is different from that of the navy. On one hand the Navy guards the maritime borders, while on the other hand the Merchant Navy exchanges commercial services with other countries.

Merchant Navy personnel carry out the work of taking and carrying goods from one country to another through merchant ships. A career in the merchant navy is considered to be an exciting and glamorous job on the sea.

The opportunity to travel around the world and the allure of adventure on the high seas attracts many young people to pursue a career in the merchant navy.

The merchant navy differs from the navy in the sense that it provides commercial services, unlike the navy, which is largely involved in the defense of a nation.

The merchant navy is the backbone of international trade, which carries goods around the world.

Merchant ships employ a large number of workers to carry and deliver goods from one country to another. Without the merchant navy, much of the import-export business would come to a standstill!

One can easily make a career in merchant navy after class 10th and class 12th in India. Talking about courses in merchant navy, for this you can do various engineering courses including marine science, marine engineering, mechanical engineering and ocean engineering.

Talking about the Institute College of Merchant Navy in India, there are many institutes including Tolani Maritime Institute and Indian Maritime College.

In such a situation, if you also want to make a career in Merchant Navi, then let us know the courses, colleges, admission, qualification, job, salary and all important information for career in Merchant Navi.

Merchant Navy can be the best field for those candidates who want to earn big and traveling in sea for months doesn’t bother you.

Merchant Navy is a fleet of ships responsible for transporting heavy goods from one country to another. It is one of the essential parts of international trade as most of the imports and exports are done through ships.

If you are looking for lucrative jobs then a career in Merchant Navy can be the most rewarding. Depending on the preference of the candidate this field can be combined through various courses.

There are three modes of entry into this field, which vary depending on the course. Candidates can join Merchant Navy at any level from class 10 onwards till graduation.

Merchant navy courses

  • B.Tech Marine Engineering
  • B.Tech Harbor and Ocean Engineering
  • Diploma in Marine Engineering (DME) B.B.A.
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Marine Engineering under Alternative Training Scheme
  • MBA Shipping and Logistics Management
  • MBA Shipping Finance B.Tech Ship Building
  • B.E. mechanical Engineering
  • BSc Marine Science
  • B.Tech Naval Architecture and Offshore Engineering
  • GP Rating
  • Diploma in Marine Science (DNS)
  • Higher National Diploma (Marine Engineering)
  • BBA Shipping Higher National Diploma (Marine Science)
  • BE Harbor and Ocean Engineering
  • BE Marine Engineering
  • ETO (Electro-Technical Officer)
  • Electro-Technical Officer Syllabus

Eligibility for making a career in Merchant Navy

To get a job in any field, it is necessary to know what is the eligibility to get a job in it. Without knowing the eligibility it is not possible to prepare for it. Therefore, first of all let us know about the “Eligibility of Merchant Navy”.

Merchant Navy is associated with the business sector, in which goods and passengers are transported from one place to another place through ships, both government and private companies work in the merchant navy.

Candidates have to qualify JEE for Nautical Science or Marine Engineering degree course, followed by TS Chanakya, Mumbai for BSc Nautical Science and MERI, Kolkata for Marine Engineering course.

Before admission to the course, it is mandatory to be successful in the process of self-testing, mainly eye sight should be 6/6 in this test.

Merchant Navy courses after 12th

Candidates in Merchant Navy, 12th pass students from Physics, Chemistry and Maths can get direct admission in this field as Deck Cadet, in which training is provided to the candidates while working, similarly, Mechanical, Electrical and Technology Engineering.

Graduate students can join Merchant Navy as Engine Cadet / Fifth Engineer / Junior Engineer.

There are recruitments in Merchant Navy from tenth pass to B.Tech degree holder, the qualifications are different according to the post, to learn in this field, the age of the candidate should be between 16 to 25 years, if you want to pass 10th.

After wanting to make a career in Merchant Navy, then for this one can do Diploma courses like Pre-Sea Training for Personnel, Deck Rating, Engine Rating, Saloon Rating, the time duration of these courses is three to four months, if the student is Navigational or If you want to go in the field of engineering, then you have to do a course in Nautical Science, Marine Engineering or Mechanical Engineering, in such courses, 12th pass students with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics can get admission, the time duration of Nautical Science is three years and Marine Engineering is a course of four years duration.

Merchant Navy qualification

  • Class 12 pass with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics.
  • The candidate should be an unmarried Indian citizen (male or female).
  • Normal vision is required but glasses up to plus or minus 2.5 may be allowed.
  • The entrance is followed by a screening test and a main written examination.
  • After clearing the test there is interview and medical test.
  • One also has to complete a ship training course before getting a job. These courses are generally of short term, where the candidates are taught about the basic security of travel.


Merchant Navy Colleges

1.Samudra Institute of Maritime, Mumbai

2.Training Ship Chanakya, Mumbai – Indian Maritime University, Chennai

3.Coimbatore Marine Centre, Coimbatore – Tolani Maritime Institute, Delhi

4.Institute of Technology and Marine Engineering, Kolkata

5.Maharashtra Academy of Naval Education and Training, Pune

6.Maritime Foundation, Chennai -Madras Christian College, Chennai

how to join merchant navy
How to join Merchant Navy after 12th

Merchant Navy – Job Prospects (Jobs In Merchant Navy)

There are immense employment opportunities in this field. Candidates who have completed the required course in Merchant Navy can get jobs through various consultants and placement agencies.

The Merchant Navy fleet includes cargo ships, container ships, tankers, bulk carriers, refrigerator ships, passenger ships, as well as roll-off/roll on ships. Cargo ships are more likely to find work than other ships.

Organizations operating merchant ships largely require trained individuals who can operate and maintain ships well.

Merchant Navy Companies

Some of these organizations are: Chevron and Mobil of USA, Volem Ship Management of Hong Kong, Denholm of UK, K Line, Bibby Ship Management, D’Amico etc.

It also has transportation organizations in India, for example, Shipping Corporation of India, Great Eastern Shipping, Essar and Chowgule Shipping.

Prepared persons are required for the three principal departments that comprise the ship’s: deck, engine and service departments.

In India, job opportunities are also available in government and private transportation organizations like Shipping Corporation of India, Clearing House, Dell Credier Operators etc.

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