How to become a Medical Lab Technician

There are many career opportunities in the medical field. There are many courses of different levels, by which you can go into this field. Lab Technician course is one of them.

You must have heard about Lab Technician. Whose job is to do all the work related to the lab. Today we are going to tell you about all the work related to Lab Technician in this article, what is Lab Technician Course, what is Lab Technician Course and how you can make your career in the field of Lab Technician.

Medical Lab Technicians work on the instructions of doctors. The work of solution made for testing in the laboratory is also done by the lab technician.

Apart from this, they should have complete knowledge about medical science as well as the safety rules of the laboratory and all the requirements there.

The job of a lab technician is to test on the basis of samples. But they are not trained to analyze reports of samples.

The work of analyzing the test on the basis of samples is done by the pathologist or lab technologist only.

After testing the Lab Technician, some samples can also be kept in a safe place for further testing or if needed.

That’s why we can say that the work of Lab Technician is full of responsibility.

He also has to maintain all the samples very carefully, so that the samples are not exchanged among themselves. So that the report of others goes to someone else, patience and skill is very necessary in this work.

Medical Lab Technicians always work on the instructions of doctors. They are responsible for many tasks related to the lab, such as the maintenance of the equipment attached to the lab, the solution used for testing and analysis of samples is also prepared by the lab technician itself.

Lab technician should have good knowledge about medical science as well as safety rules related to laboratory.

The main job of a lab technician is to test on the basis of samples. But they are not trained to test and analyze these tests.

The results of these samples are then analyzed by a pathologist or lab technologist. The work of maintaining the samples kept for testing properly is also done by Lab Technician.

Actually Medical Lab Technician help physician to prevent any disease. Lab technicians assist in the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.

Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) perform and analyze body fluids, tissue, blood typing, microorganism screening, chemical analysis, cell count tests of the human body

They contribute significantly to sampling, testing, reporting and documentation.

Let us tell you that there are two types of medical laboratory workers

  • Technicians
  • Technologists

Functions of Medical Lab Technician

Lab technician course comes under the category of paramedical courses. You can do this course after 10th, 12th and graduation. In this, subjects like Pathology, Microbiology, Blood Banking, Biochemistry, etc. are taught and at the same time practical is also done.

Lab technician courses are also called clinical lab science courses.

  • microbiology
  • hematology
  • blood banking
  • immunology
  • clinical chemistry
  • molecular biology
  • cytotechnology

After doing this course, you become a certified Medical Lab Technician or Medical Lab Technologist. This is one of those medical courses in which you can take admission without qualifying NEET.

Qualification and Course to become Medical Lab Technician

To become a medical lab technician, you have to do Medical Lab Technician (MLT) course. You can do this course after 12th and even after graduation.

After doing MLT course, you will have to do internship in pathology. By doing an internship, you will get to know about the work of a lab technician, what is the work to be done as a lab technician.

After doing internship, you can work as a lab technician in any hospital, pathology, etc.

After becoming a medical lab technician, you have to analyze the essential substances of the body like fluid, tissue, blood, skin virus, urine infection, bacterial infection, etc.

if you want to make a career in any field related to medical, then you must have 12th examination from science stream (physics, chemistry, biology) then only you will be able to make a career in any field related to medical.

After doing 12th, you can do the following degree, diploma and certificate courses related to medical lab technician.

  • CMLT (Certificate Course in Medical Lab Technician) You can do this course after passing the tenth examination, it is a certificate course of 6 months. The full form of CMLT is Certificate in Medical Lab Technology.

Following are the major certificate courses in Medical Lab Technician:

  1. Certificate in Radiology Assistant
  2. Certificate in Medical Lab Technology
  3. ECG Assistant
  4. medical laboratory assistant
  5. Certificate in Laboratory Techniques
  6. Certificate in Medical Record Technology
  7. Certificate in Anesthesia Technician
  8. Certificate in CT Scan Technician
  9. Certificate in MRI Technician
  10. Certificate in X-Ray Technician
  11. Certificate in Dental Machine Technician
  • DMLT (Diploma in Medical Lab Technician) 2 Year To do this course, you need to do class XII examination with science stream, it is a one to two year diploma course.

Following are the major diploma courses in Medical Lab Technician after 12th:

  1. Diploma in X-ray and ECG Technology
  2. Diploma in Medical Lab Technology
  3. Diploma in Clinical Analysis
  4. Diploma in Medical Laboratory Assistant
  5. Diploma in Medical Imaging Technology
  6. Diploma in Radiography Technology
  7. Diploma in CVT Technician
  8. Diploma in Operation Theater Technology
  9. Diploma in Cardiovascular Technician
  10. Diploma in Medical Record Technology
  11. Diploma in EEG Laboratory Technician
  12. Diploma in Clinical Laboratory Technician
  • B.Sc in Medical Lab Technician To enroll in this course, it is mandatory for you to pass the twelfth examination with science stream, only after that you can enroll in this course, it is a three-year graduation course.

Following are the major degree courses in MLT after 12th:

  1. BSc in Medical Laboratory Technology
  2. BSc in Medical Imaging Technology
  3. BSc in Clinical Laboratory Technology
  4. Bachelor of Medical Lab Technology
  5. BSc in X-ray Technology
  6. BSc in ECG and Cardiovascular Technology

There are mainly two types of admission in degree course.


However, some colleges also take direct admission in degree courses. Therefore, before taking admission in any college, get to know about its admission process very well.

  • M. Sc in Medical Laboratory Technologist To take admission in this course, you must have passed at least in Medical Lab Technician, after that you must have a two-year Associate Training Program certificate. Only after that you will be able to enroll in this course. After graduation, there is a 2-year postgraduate course in Medical Lab Technician and a 1-year postgraduate diploma course.

Following are the major Postgraduate (PG) and Postgraduate Diploma Lab Technician Courses:

  • MSc in Medical Laboratory 2 Years
  • MSc in Medical Imaging Technology 2 years
  • MSc in X-Ray Technology 2 Years
  • MSc in ECG & CVT 2 Years
  • Master of Medical Laboratory Technology 2 Years
  • Postgraduate Diploma in MLT 1 Year
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Laboratory Services in Science 1 year
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Biomedical Laboratory Technology 1 year
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Clinical, Genetics and Medical Laboratories 1 year

The following subjects are taught to you in the Lab Technician course:

  • anatomy
  • pathology
  • microbiology
  • biochemistry
  • pharmacology
  • Statistics
  • community medicine
  • physiology

Along with this, you are also made practical during the course, your viva-voce (Viva-voce) is also taken, you also have to do internship, and your internal assessment is also done.

Job Opportunity in Medical Lab Technician

If you are thinking of doing Lab Technician Lab Technician course, then there is no dearth of employment in it, because in today’s time new diseases are arising. That’s why most of the people take good care of their health.

In today’s time, doctors also ask to get tested before starting the treatment of minor diseases so that that disease can be treated properly in time.

That’s why the pathology laboratory place is opening up. The pathology department in the hospital is different, so you have many job opportunities.

You should have more knowledge in the field of medicine than you get from books. Students can get these types of tests only by working during the laboratory.

If you have a certificate of this work and have good experience or knowledge, then you can work with medical laboratory, hospital, pathologist, blood banks also have good job opportunities for you.

Salary As Medical Lab technician

On starting a career in this field, you get at least ten to fifteen thousand rupees per month in the beginning, while those doing the post of pathologist get at least 25 to 30 thousand rupees per month in the beginning. Later, as your experience and knowledge increase. Similarly, your salary also keeps increasing.

Making a career in this field is not a loss-making deal. If you have interest in medical field, then this course is good for you, as it is much cheaper and more in demand than other courses.

how to become medical lab technician in india
How to become Medical Laboratory Technician In India

Job after doing course Medical Lab Technician

To get a quick job after Medical Lab Technician (MLT) course, you can get a certificate by registering with All India Medical Laboratory Technologists Association or National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

NAACLS is an international body that accredits MLT students and institutions. Its certification is more important than the certificates of other institutions.

Therefore the candidates who have its (NAACLS) certificate are given preference by the recruiting companies as compared to other candidates.

After doing Lab Technician course, you can get jobs in the following areas:

  • Hospitals (Govt & Private)
  • pathology
  • clinic
  • Laboratories
  • research centers
  • Universities
  • blood donation centers
  • pharmaceutical companies
  • Crime Investigating Laboratories
  • health institution

After doing MLT course you have the following job profile:

  • lab technician
  • trainer
  • lab assistant
  • Lab Consultant
  • lab supervisor
  • laboratory in-charge
  • Laboratory Information Systems Analyst
  • deputy quality manager
  • assistant professor
  • medical laboratory scientist


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