How to become X-Ray Technician in india

Nowadays the demand of X-Ray technician is very high in various departments of the medical field. From blood banks to pathology labs, every department is looking for qualified technicians.

Due to this, now the demand for X-Ray Technician is also increasing. Not only good job options are coming up for X-ray technicians, but they are also being offered decent salary packages.

Do you want to become X Ray Technician? If you want to make career in X Ray Technician , then in this post we will tell you about X Ray Technician course in detail.

So that you can have complete information about X Ray Technology.

Many people have this dream to get a job in the hospital, behind which their main objective is to earn good money and serve the people.

But getting a doctor’s post in the hospital by passing a difficult exam like NEET is not just a matter of every candidate, but if he wants, he can get a job in the hospital even after doing some courses and apart from getting good salary, people can get a job easily.

If you want to work in the medical field, then you can become an X-ray technician and get a good income. To become an x-ray technician, you have to do x-ray technician course.

If you have passed 12th from science stream, then you can easily enter this field after doing X ray technician related course.

For this mainly four courses are run. These include Certificate Course in X-Ray Technician, Diploma Course in X-Ray Technician, Diploma in Radiography and Bachelor in Radiography (Degree) course.

The duration of the certificate course is one year, the duration of the diploma course is 2 years and the duration of the bachelor’s degree course is up to 3 years.

What is X ray?

Wilhelm Röntgen demonstrated in 1895 that electrons on collision with a material present in the cathode ray tube produced rays that could produce fluorescence in a fluorescent material placed outside the cathode ray tube.

Since Roentgen did not know the nature of these rays, he named it X-rays.

X-rays are not deflected in electric and magnetic fields. Also, these rays have high penetrating power, due to which they are used in the study of the interior of objects.

The wavelength of these rays is very short (0.1nm ) and it also show magnetic behavior. thus is used in medical science to examine the fractured part of bones

Who is an X-ray Technician?

When a person’s bones are fractured due to an accident or for any reason, or if he feels that there has been a break in his bone, then the person should goes to doctor to find out the exact problem.

Doctor further advised to get X-ray done before any conclusion.

it is only through X-ray that it can be known which fracture or where fracture has occurred in the bone of the person.

When a person goes to get his x-ray done, first of all the person is taken to the x-ray room where a big machine is used to take x-rays of that person’s body and the person who works to take x-rays.

The person who operates X ray Machine is known as an X-ray technician.

Work of X Ray Technician

For the treatment of any disease, it is necessary to identify it. The main job of X Ray Technician is to do X Ray.

For example, when a person gets an injury in the arm or leg or in any other part of the body, the doctor asks that person to get X-ray done. By which the doctor can know by looking at the X-ray whether the arm or leg is broken.

The main task of an X Ray Technician is to protect the patient and surrounding people from radioactive rays while doing X ray etc.

Another job is to look after radiographic equipment and machines. Apart from this, it is also necessary for the X Ray Technician to have the ability to understand the patient, hardworking, alertness and patience.

X Ray Technician course fees and duration

Diploma in X Ray Technology course is of 2 years duration. The required qualification for this course is 12th pass from PCM or PCB subject.

The fee for this course varies from 30 to 50 thousand rupees per year.

List of Course to become an X-ray technician in india

X-ray technology comes under radiology, which is called diagnostic radiology. You can also make a career by doing a diploma in the field of X-ray technology.

The field of medical profession is not limited to doctors and nurses only. After 12th Science, some students aspire to become X-ray technician.

To completely eradicate the disease of the patients, we must know what the disease is. The internal parts of the patient are examined to diagnose the disease.

Which is known as radiography. Radiography is divided into two parts:-

  1. diagnostic radiography
  2. medical radiography

Anyone who wants to become an X-ray technician can take the course of X-ray technician. For your information, let us tell you that the course that is done to become an X-ray technician is called Radiology course, which consists of certificate, degree and diploma courses.

In the present time, courses related to this are being conducted by many colleges in India. Below we are giving you the names of some main courses in Radiology.

Bachelors in X-RAY

List of X Ray technician course bachelors programs

  • Radiography
  • B.Sc. in Radiography and Imaging Technology
  • Bachelor of Radiography and Imaging Technology
  • Bachelor of Diagnostic Radiography
  • Bachelor in Radiology

Diploma in X-Ray

List of X Ray technician course Diploma programs

  • Diploma in Radiography Technician
  • Diploma in Radiography and imaging Technology
  • Diploma in X-Ray Technician
  • Diploma in CT Scan Technician

Masters in X-Ray

List of X Ray technician course master programs

  1. M.Sc Medical Radio Imaging
  2. M.Sc/PGDip/PGCert – Clinical Radiology
  3. Clinical Oncology (Part time) – MSc/PGDip
  4. M.Phil in Medical Science (Radiology)

Course Syllabus for X Ray Technician

  • anatomy and physiology
  • Clinical chemistry, hematology, urinalysis
  • electrocardiography
  • image acquisition
  • Laboratory Process and Quality Management
  • Lab result correlation
  • Patient Care
  • Radiographic procedure

Eligibility Criteria to become X Ray technician

From working with a government organization to assisting in a private hospital or lab, the job of an X-ray technician comes with a lot of responsibilities.

It is important to fulfill some important requirements to become an X-ray technician. Given below are the eligibility to become an X-ray technician:

  • Students have to clear 10+2 with PCB.
  • For Bachelor’s and Diploma programs, it is necessary for the students to get 60% marks in 12th.
  • There should be 50%-55% in Bachelor’s degree of Masters program.
  • To study abroad, one has to clear the exams like IELTS, TOEFL or PTE and get the English Language Proficiency Score card.

The most important thing to do the course is that for this you have to go through the process of entrance exam. Some of the list of entrance exams are as follows:

  • All India Postgraduate Medical Entrance Examination AIPMT.
  • NEET
  • Delhi University Medical Entrance Test (DUMET)
  • National Institute of Mental Health and Neuro Sciences Entrance Exam
  • National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research Joint Entrance Examination – NIPER JEE
  • Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences Post Graduate Entrance Test

how to become x ray technician in india
how to become x ray technician in india

Career as an X Ray Technician

X-ray technician has a special role in the medical field. That is why the course of X ray technician is quite popular these days.

There are many career options in this field. After this course, you can make a great career in government and private hospitals.

In both these sectors, many vacancies of X-ray technician keep coming out.

After this course, you can easily find good jobs in Hospitals, X Ray Labs, Nursing Homes, Private Clinics and Education Institutes.

Best Institute for X-Ray Technician Course in india

  1. All India Institute of Medical Science, New Delhi
  2. King George’s Medical University, Lucknow
  3. Tata Memorial Hospital, Parel, Mumbai.
  4. Bundelkhand University, Jhansi
  5. Jamia Hamdard University, Hamdard Nagar, New Delhi
  6. Allied Science, Ratnanagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  7. Rohilkhand Medical College, Bareilly
  8. Medical College and Hospital, Kolkata,
  9. Apollo Institute of Hospital
  10. Bareilly International University, Bareilly
  11. Medical College, Patiala, Punjab
  12. Tirthankar Mahaveer University, Moradabad
  13. Ira Medical College, Lucknow
  14. Sanjeevini Institute of Paramedical Course, Industrial Area Phase 2, Chandigarh
  15. Christian Medical School, Vellore, Tamil Nadu
  16. Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital, Darbhanga, Bihar
  17. Medical College, Patiala, Punjab
  18. BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
  19. Maharani Laxmibai Medical College, Jhansi, Uttar Pradesh
  20. Patna Medical College and Hospital, Patna, Bihar
  21. GTB Hospital, Dilshad Garden, New Delhi
  22. BRD Medical, Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh
  23. Jaipur Golden Hospital, Rohini, New Delhi


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