how to become cs after 12th

The full form of CS is Company Secretary. A company secretary is called a company secretary. Behind the success of any company, the company secretary has a huge contribution.

Most of the companies in India which are doing business of crores, they definitely appoint a company secretary.

A company secretary is responsible for handling the legal and administrative responsibilities of the company.

If you have interest in this field then you can also become CS. A person working in such an important position needs to go through a rigorous exam and practice to become a company secretary. Before getting into this field, you have to do the course of Company Secretary.

The work of handling the administrative responsibilities of the company is usually done by the CS i.e. the company secretary. Whether the law is being followed in the company or not, in which direction its development is taking place, it is seen by the secretary.

CS has to have knowledge of many subjects like Law, Management, Finance and Corporate Governance. It is the link between a company’s board of governance, shareholders, government and other agencies.

Having knowledge of Corporate Law, Security Law, Capital Markets and Corporate Governance, a CS is the internal legal expert of the company. Company Secretary also acts as a Corporate Planner and Strategic Manager.

A person working in such an important position needs to go through a rigorous exam and practice to become a company secretary. Before getting into this field, one has to do the course of Company Secretary.

To become a company secretary, it is necessary to pass three level exams. Admission to CS course is open throughout the year. There is no entrance test or interview for this, only registration is enough.

Science, Arts or Commerce, students of all subjects can appear in it. Fine arts students are not admitted. The organization associated with it trains the students through correspondence. To become a company secretary, you can enroll in executive program after doing 8 months foundation course after 12th.

After this you can do professional programs. If you are a graduate and want to do company secretary course, you can directly take admission in the executive program.

After this, professional programs and practical training have to be done. After doing professional program, one becomes associate member of ICSI (Institute of Company Secretaries of India).

Who is Company Secretary?

A Company Secretary (CS) is an in-house Legal Expert or a Compliance Officer employed to ensure efficient administration of the company.

They are experts in Corporate and Securities Laws who regulate the Statutory and Legal Compliance and implementation of the decisions of the Authorities.

In addition, he serves as the Chief Advisor to the Board of Directors who suggest ways to prepare financial reports, conduct business, develop corporate strategy, deal with situations of conflict of interest, etc. To understand how to become a Company Secretary, it is essential to be familiar with their responsibilities in a company.

Roles and Responsibilities of Company Secretary

  • Company Secretary is a multidisciplinary profession that provides the following list of tasks. Know those lists in Company Secretary.
  • The Company Secretary assists the Board of Directors and also gives special advice.
  • Company Secretary acts as a legal advisor, corporate planner and assists the company in any legal matter related areas.
  • Company Secretary acts as a corporate policy maker and simultaneously handles short term long term corporate policies.
  • Works as Chief Administrative Officer where he takes care of the activities of company administration. The Company Secretary keeps the company’s legal and confidential documents safe.
  • Corporate meetings mainly discuss board meetings, organize board meetings, handle clients, oversee meetings of government and private delegations, etc.
  • The main responsibility is to manage client and corporate events.
  • The company secretary has abundant knowledge of management and finance, he provides all the necessary information to the director of the company.

Admission schedule for CS

The examinations for those enrolled in the course are held twice a year in June and December.

For example, if you want to appear in the examination to be held in December under the foundation program, then you will have to register for it by March 31.

To appear in the June exam, it is necessary to register by 30 September.

Similarly, for the executive program, it is necessary to register by February 28 for the examination to be held in December and by August 31, a year before, for the June examination next year. There must be a gap of at least nine months between the date of registration and the date of examination.

job opportunities for CS

A student pursuing the degree of Company Secretary can start private practice as a form of employment. A company with shares above five crores is required to have a whole time company secretary who is also a member of ICSI.

There are many opportunities for such students to work in banks and financial institutions. CS has become the need of most institutions today in company work. There are job opportunities for Company Secretaries not only in India but also in foreign countries such as USA, Canada, England, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia and countries in Middle-East Africa.

In the era of globalization, companies need such skilled people, who know the law related to the company and the tricks of its use.

CS course is approved for admission to PhD course in various universities.

What is in Company Secretary Course?

Under the Company Secretary course, one has to prepare for four papers in the Foundation. In this, things like English and business communication, economics and statistics, financial accounting and business law and management elements are told. Six papers are taught in the executive course.

These include general and commercial law, company accounts, cost and management accounting, tax law, etc. Company law, economic and labor law, security related laws etc. are explained.

After completing the executive course, 8 papers are prepared in different modules in the professional program. It covers about Company Secretarial Practice, Drafting, Forex Management, Strategic Management, Advanced Tax Law and Practice, Governance, Business Ethics etc.

After passing the executive and professional examination, the student has to go for practical and management training. Only after this he is given the qualification of Company Secretary. After completing the executive program or professional program, the student has to do a training program under a company for 15 months.

During this, he is also given a stipend by the company. Apart from this, training is also done in a specialized agency of 15 days. After completing the CS Professional program, the student can register himself in the institute as an associate member against his name.

Benefits of becoming a CS

In Company Secretary you will know its benefits. its all mentioned below.

  • There is always scope for huge growth and enhancement in remuneration.
  • The demand for Company Secretary is increasing in the market. More and more companies are looking to hire people in this position.

How to become Company Secretary after 12th

Once you have completed 10+2, you are eligible to go through the following 3 steps to pursue Company Secretary (CS) Course after 12th.

Admission to the CS course is open to the students throughout the year and the examinations are held twice a year. Candidates are declared passed in 3 stages of the course if they obtain minimum 40% marks in each paper and 50% marks in aggregate of all subjects in one sitting.

Registration for Executive and Professional examination should be completed within the period. However, on payment of the requisite fee, the validity of the registration may be extended or renewed for a longer period subject to fulfillment of the applicable guidelines.

  1. Foundation Program
  2. Executive Program
  3. Professional Program

However, students who want to join CS course after completing graduation can skip the foundation program. Want to know that Company Secretary. Here is the complete list of topics covered in various stages of CS course.

  1. Foundation Program (4 Papers)

In the Foundation program of Ultimate Guide, here you are being told about 4 important papers which are important for you. It is like this.

  • Business Environment & Entrepreneurship
  • Business Economics
  • Business Management, Ethics, Laws and Communication
  • Fundamentals of Accounting and Auditing
  • Executive Program (7 Papers)

In the Executive Program of Ultimate Guide, here you are being told about 7 important papers which are important for you. It is like this.

  • Module 1
  1. Company Law
  2. Economic and Commercial Laws
  3. Tax Laws and Practice
  4. Cost and Management Accounting
  5. Company Accounts and Auditing Practices
  6. Industrial, Labor and General Laws
  7. Capital Markets and Securities Laws
  1. Professional Program (9 Papers)
    In the Executive Program of Ultimate Guide, here you are being told about 9 important papers which are important for you. It is like this.
  • Module 1
  1. Advanced Company Law and Practice
  2. Corporate Restructuring, Valuation and Insolvency
  3. Secretarial Audit, Due Diligence and Compliance Management
  • Module 2
  1. Financial, Treasury and Forex Management
  2. Ethics, Governance and Sustainability
  3. Information Technology and Systems Audit
  • Module 3
  1. Advanced Tax Laws and Practice
  2. Drafting, Appearances and Pleadings
  3. Electives (You can choose 1 out of 5 Subjects)
  4. Banking Law and Practice
  5. Insurance Law and Practice
  6. Capital, Commodity and Money Market
  7. Intellectual Business – Laws and Practices
  8. Intellectual Property Rights – Law and Practice

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) and other recognized authorities governing CS programs in various countries use English as the main medium of instruction. However, with the increasing demand from the central and state governments in India, importance is given to Hindi and other regional languages ​​for CS programs.

Training Programs to become Company Secretary

Let us see a list of Practical Experience and Training Programs to know about how to become a Company Secretary.

  • Student Induction Program (SIP): Within 6 months of registration for Executive Course, students are required to join 7 days SIP.
  • Computer Training Program: 70 hours of computer training program is required to get the enrollment to appear in the Executive Program examination.
  • Executive Development Program (EDP): Students can complete 8 days of EDP after completing the Executive Program exam at any time during the 15-month tenure.
  • Professional Development Program (PDP): Students can complete 24-hour PDP training after passing the Executive Program exam at any time during the 15-month tenure.
  • 15 Months Training: After passing Executive Program examination and completing 8 days EDP.
  • 3 Months Training: For those students who have passed Professional Program examination and who are exempted from 12 Months Training Program. Also, those who have completed 15 months of training have been given relief from 3 months of training.
  • Additional 15 days training in specialized agencies like Stock Exchange, Financial and Banking Institution, Registrar of Companies (ROC) and Management Consultancy Firms after passing Professional Program examination and completing SIP, EDP and 15 months training.
  • Management Skills Orientation Program (MSOP): After completing Professional Program, EDP and 15 Months Training can go for MSOP for a duration of 15 days.
how to become CS after 12th
How To become Company secretary after 12th in india

Eligibility Criteria to become CS

There are three steps to be completed for an aspiring Company Secretary candidate. The three phases include Foundation, Intermediate and Final. The eligibility criteria to become Company Secretary are as follows.

  • After completing 12th class, students should do Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI Foundation Course). This course is of eight months duration. It is necessary to pass the course within three years of admission.
  • Once the students complete the ICSI Foundation Course they can take admission in the ICSI Intermediate Course course.
  • Once the students have cleared the ICSI Intermediate Course then they are eligible for Enrollment in the final stage of ICSI Course which is the Final Course.
  • The next step is to undergo training. After completing the final level of the course, students must undergo short term training.
  • Practical training gained by training during the intermediate level and after the final level helps in getting Associate Membership of ICSI.
  • Once the successful training of students is completed, they become eligible to become Associate Company Secretary.
  • The main path of the career of Company Secretary starts only when they are qualified as Associate Company Secretary.

Application Process for CS Course

If you are wondering about the process to become a Company Secretary, read about the list of documents required to apply for CS Course. Know the Application Process for Company Secretary

  • Latest Photographs
  • Signature
  • Secondary School Certificate or equivalent issued by CBSE or ICSE for proof of Date of Birth
  • Consolidated marksheet of Higher Secondary Certificate exam or equivalent from CBSE or ICSE
  • Roll number is given by the education board, if appearing for HSC or its CBSE/ICSE equivalent
  • Copies of passing certificate with marksheet for B.Com, M.Com or CA students
  • Medical Certificate
  • Caste Certificate for SC/ST/OBC exemptions
  • Aadhar Card, PAN Card, Valid Driving License or Passport

Colleges to do CS Course in India

  • Government Arts College Nandanam Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • St. Alphonsa CS College Kottayam, Kerala
  • Institute of Company Secretaries of India New Delhi,
  • Mohan’s Institute of Corporate Studies Ernakulam, Kerala
  • Chevalier T, Thomas Elizabeth College for Women Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Tiruthangal Nadar College Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu
  • M.O.P. Vaishnav College for Women Chennai, Tamil Nadu
  • Bindeshwar Singh College, Patna
  • Institute of Corporate Management, Udaipur
  • Edubridge Learning Private Limited, Mumbai
  • Ajitdada Pawar Diploma Engineering College, Pune
  • Colvin Talukdar College, Lucknow
  • Bhagwan Mahaveer College Of Computer
  • Dr. CP Thakur College, Patna, etc.


We hope that you have got all the information about how to do CS course and career option after that. In this article, important information like duration and fees for doing CS course is given.

It is the responsibility of the company secretary to see all the work of the company smoothly and to be familiar with the rules of the company’s working system and to be able to perform various types of responsibilities of the company. If you also want to do this course, then without delay, follow the above information and instructions and then apply for the course.


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