How to become a scientist in india

How to become a scientist and what to do to become a scientist

You must know about the scientist and also know about its work, but do you know how you can become a scientist. Because this is the desire of many people to become a scientist and make their future in this field, today we are going to give you complete information about it.

Who is Scientist?

A person who does special study or teaching of science is called a scientist.

A scientist is one who has studied science and whose job is to teach or conduct research in science. The term scientist refers to a person who is studying science and has proficient knowledge of any one or more of the natural and physical sciences. The word “scientist” was given by Theologian Philosopher ‘William Whewell’.

Scientists are professionals who play an important role in the development and research of a country. Students who aspire to become a scientist must be mentally prepared for the many challenges they may face as a scientist as this career option is one of the most difficult and time-consuming career options.

The students who want to become a scientist, first of all they have to understand that scientist can become only one who has love for science. Whoever has the desire to know or discover something new, only that person can become a good scientist.

It takes you 7-10 years or more to become a scientist in a related field. Everyone dreams of becoming a scientist, but there are very few people who can successfully turn their dreams into reality. For this they have to work hard and hard. Becoming a scientist in India is not an easy task, but if you follow the important points mentioned by us, then you will definitely become a good scientist.

What skills are required to become a scientist?

There is a demand for different skills for each job and a person who does not have the skills according to the requirement of the job, he is not able to do his work with full heart and gradually his mind gets removed from the work.

If it is about the job of a scientist, then it is very important for a scientist to have the following skills –

  1. Writing skills

When a scientist does some research, he brings out the research paper. No writing mistakes of any kind are accepted in research paper. Therefore it is necessary for a scientist to have good writing skills.

  1. Having strong, updated knowledge of your field

It becomes very important for a scientist to have in-depth knowledge of whatever field he is in. Along with having clear basics in your field, it is also mandatory to have updated knowledge.

  1. Curiosity

The nature of a scientist should be curious that means he should be interested in knowing and discovering new things, only then he will be able to find something new in his field.

How to become Scientist

To become a scientist, you have to choose subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths after passing 10th. After this you can do graduation and post graduation in any discipline like M Sc, M Phil, PhD, Engineering etc. If you are successful in this then you can apply for the posts organized to become a scientist.

Type of scientist

There are different types of Scientist, you can choose any of the following career options –

  • geologist
  • Geographer
  • marine biologist
  • ethologist
  • geneticist
  • microbiologist
  • paleontologist
  • cytologist
  • ecologist

The complete process of how to become a scientist

If you want to become a scientist then its step by step process is given below –

  1. Complete your 12th class with PCB

To become a scientist, students should take a decision that will ease their path to become a scientist. So they should study that subject after 10th standard in which they are interested and continue pursuing higher education in that subject. To become a scientist, a student should have completed his 11th and 12th class with PCB (Physics, Chemistry, Biology) or Maths.

  1. Complete the graduation from the right stream

After completion of schooling in Physics, Chemistry, Biology or Maths, the next big decision is to choose the right subject or stream for graduation and further higher education. The student should think about which stream they want to go (BSc Honors or BSc Plain) and then decide to choose the college.

  1. Complete Your Master’s Degree Now

If you have completed your graduation, you can pursue a master’s degree or Ph.D. You can opt for degree. Master of Science, abbreviated as MSc, is a 2-year PG Science course that provides in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge in scientific fields such as Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology, Pharmacy and Nursing.

  1. Internship

During your bachelor’s and master’s degrees, it is very important to do internships in research laboratories of universities or companies. During the internship you should be exposed to research methods, procedures and scientific equipment. After master’s degree you can get work as research assistant.

Eligibility to become scientist

  • Educational Qualification

To become a scientist, you have to choose subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths after 10th. After this one can do graduation and post graduation in these subjects like- M Sc, M Phil, PhD, Engineering etc. If you are successful in this then you can apply for the posts of scientists.

  • Age Limit

There is no age limit to become a Scientist. Therefore you can apply at any age to become a scientist. Along with this, you can continue your research even while living in some other department and successfully achieve your goal.

How to become Scientist in ISRO?

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) works to advance our country in the field of space and science. Every scientist working in ISRO works day and night to advance their country.

To become a scientist in ISRO, you have to take admission in IIST (Indian Institute of Space Technology). After getting admission in this institute, ISRO directly recruits those students to the post of Scientist. To take admission in IIST, a student will have to take Maths and Science subjects in class 12th.

In IIST, you can pursue either a 4-year B.Tech degree or a 5-year dual degree program. In this degree, you have to maintain 7.5 CGPA and after that whatever vacancy is with ISRO, it gives you appointment in it. Almost all the students in IIST get direct jobs in ISRO.

ISRO (Indian Space Research Organization) every year goes to the top colleges of the country like IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) and NIT (National Institute of Technology) for the post of Scientist and there by interviewing the candidates they like. recruits them.

What is the exam to become a scientist in ISRO?

Every year ISRO conducts an exam, which is called ‘ICRB’ ie (ISRO Centralized Recruitment Board) Exam.

This exam is conducted in three categories –

  • electronic
  • mechanical
  • Computer

You can give this exam after doing Bachelor of Engineering, Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Technology. To give this exam, you have to get at least 65% marks or more. If your college has system of CGPA then you have to get at least 6.84 CGPA.

Entrance Exams to become a Scientist

The entrance examinations to be conducted according to different courses to become a scientist are as follows –

BSc (Bachelor Degree)

  1. JET
  2. NPAT
  3. BHU UET
  4. SUAT
  5. CUCET

masters degree

  1. JNUEE
  2. BHU PET
  5. DUET


  1. UGC NET
  3. GATE

The top recruiting institutes to become a scientist in India are as follows –

  1. Indian Air Force
  2. ministry of mines
  3. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  4. Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
  5. Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)
  6. Indian Institute of Science Education and Research (IISER)
  7. International Flavors & Fragrance India Limited
  8. National Center for Cytology (NCCS)
  9. Institute for Stem Cell Biology and Regenerative Medicine (InStem)
  10. Aeronautical Development Agency (ADA)


Friends, you must have known Missile Man APJ Abdul Kalam and maybe he is also your idol. He is not among us today but his contribution and works are world famous. Similarly, if your dream is to become a scientist and increase the value of the country by making various inventions in the country, then the above mentioned how to become scientist will prove to be important for you.

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