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After passing 12th, students get confused and the biggest question becomes for them what to do after 12th.

They think that what is the better option for their career and what they should do for their good future. Because this is a very important stage in your career.

At this time, a wrong decision made without thinking can force you to regret it for the rest of your life. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind, your qualifications, good job options, your interest, choose the right option for yourself.

Now after 12th there are limitless lines of different courses and options are open, from which students can choose according to their choice and scope. But while making the choice, students also need to keep in mind that what are the possibilities in the course or line they are choosing.

As you all know that students who get good marks in 10th choose science stream. So that he can go further in the field of medicine or study engineering.

Science stream is a bit difficult to read. Some children do not take science, they are afraid that they may fail or their one year may be wasted.

There are also many children who get good marks in 10th but they do not take science because they are not interested in science, such students choose commerce or arts stream.

In Science stream, students have Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, subjects or take any Biology, Chemistry, Physics subject. Or one can take biology maths both subjects.

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There are a few things that students must keep in mind while choosing the courses after 12th

  • First of all, see what are the pros and cons and advantages of the course you are going to choose. That is, see how beneficial that course will be for you in future.
  • After 12th, various advertisements and campaigns are run about the courses so that the students can be wooed. But students should not fall into their bluff and choose the course only after thorough investigation.
  • While choosing the course, students should also keep their interest in mind. Looking at the increasing demand of engineering and IT, you are thinking of making a career in it, but if you are not interested in both these fields then do not make the mistake of going to these fields at all.
  • Do not choose any course or job after seeing your friends or other students. Be sure to know about the accreditation, faculty and placement performance of whatever course or institute you choose. This will save you from being a victim of fraud.

Graduation courses after 12th

BBA after 12th

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) course is also a good career course after 12th. But the advantage of doing BBA is only when after that you do its master’s degree MBA.

If you do BBA and MBA from a good college, then many career options open in front of you. The job of an MBA professional is to handle the management of any company.

There is an MBA professional in high positions like CEO of any company. But MBA course is an expensive course.

BMS after 12th

Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS) This is a 3-year course. And commerce students after doing this course can apply for jobs in many good companies. This is a very good course for the job and after that many good companies offer you for the job.

BCA after 12th

Bachelor of Computers (BCA) is also a course that a 12th (PCM) pass student can complete in 3 years. Only those students go to this course who are interested in Computer Programming.

B.Sc after 12th

Science students can do B.Sc in graduation. In this also you can do B.Sc in Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology. After this, students can also do post graduate degree M.Sc. Students can get a degree by choosing any one of these subjects.

B.Com after 12th

After passing 12th from commerce you can do B.Com. By doing B.Com, your understanding of subjects like accounts and business management increases. you get to learn a lot in this 3 year course. But with this degree, you need to do additional courses to enhance your skills.

12th pass students from PCBM stream

Students who have passed 12th in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics in 12th. For them, we have given about all the courses in a chart below, you can choose your course according to the chart given below

After 12th PCM (Physics, Chemistry, Maths)

Students who have passed 12th with Chemistry, Maths, Physics can make their future in engineering as well as prepare for IIT and JEE exam.

If you do not want to study engineering, they can do B.Sc, BA, in graduation and do hotel management course. Students who have passed 12th from PCM can decide their course for their future by looking at the chart given below.

Courses after 12th Commerce

Commerce is one such subject which is the most followed course after passing 10th. One reason for this is also that commerce students are interested in leaving technical and medical fields and going to other fields like business, finance, accounting etc.

If you want to make a career in the field of banking then you can choose B.Com subject or if you want to make your future in business management then you can choose BBA subject. Let us tell you what to do after 12th with commerce, in which areas the student gets career options.

Talking about commerce, commerce students have no shortage of career options but it is important to choose the right course for themselves. To make this work easy for you, we are giving you information about some selected courses which can prove to be very helpful in your career.

We have given a list of all those courses after 12th commerce below, in which you can decide your future by choosing any course.

Chartered Accountancy (CA)

Chartered Accountancy (CA) is a course through which commerce students can proceed to become a Chartered Accountant. In India, the most eagerness can be seen among the students about this course. Must have passed 12th class with at least 50% marks in aggregate from a recognized board or university.

Company Secretary (CS)

Company Secretary or CS is also the most popular course among students after CA.

Which can be done after securing 50% marks in 12th. After doing this course, immense job opportunities open up. And after this course the student acquires the qualification to become a company secretary.

B.Com in Accounting and Commerce

Bachelor of Commerce i.e. B.Com is a degree course which every college definitely includes in its curriculum.

The duration of this course is of 3 years in Indian colleges and universities. Which can be done from any university or other educational institution.


Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Legislative Law Honors is an undergraduate administrative law professionally integrated course.

Students opting for BBA LLB study Business Administration and Law. Any student who has passed 12th with minimum 50% marks is considered eligible for this course.

There are many colleges in the country offering LLB. For which entrance exam is also conducted.

BCA (IT & Software)

If you love computers then this course is for you.BCA is specially for those students who want to know the world of computer languages.

BCA degree is considered equivalent to a BTech/BE degree in Computer Science or Information Technology.

A candidate who has passed 12th in any subject with Mathematics is considered eligible for this, but remember that 45 percent marks must be scored in 12th.


Bachelor of Business Administration i.e. BBA and Bachelor of Management Studies i.e. BMS plays an important role for masters in MBA. BBA / BMS is a Bachelor degree to pursue a career in Business Management.

Which can be done after 12th in any stream from a recognized board or university. But for this, at least 50 percent marks should be in 12th.

Although a student of any stream can do this course, but it becomes easier for a commerce student to understand it.

Bachelor of Economics

Bachelor of Economics is also a 3-year degree, in which you study economics, finance and analytical methods. Students who are interested in economics should do Bachelor of Economics. Not only this, in this you study micro-economics and macro-economics in deep and go into the field of finance.

Journalism and Mass Communication

If you want to go into the field of media or PR, then Journalism and Mass Communication will be a better option for you. In this, you can make your career in media with the knowledge of finance and business. Apart from this, due to good knowledge of economics, you can make a career in print, online or content creation.

Certified Financial Planner

You can become a Certified Financial Planner to pursue studies like Personal Finance, Wealth Management, Insurance Planning. It is also called (CFP) and in this complete education related to finance is done. If you want to make a career in this field, then you can do CFP after 12th.

Cost and Management Accountant (CMA)

If you want to read about Management Accounting, Commercial Fundamentals and Industrial Law, then you can choose Cost and Management Accountant. In this, both finance and management are taught and after the completion of the course, one gets a job in the field of management.

Courses after 12th arts

Even though many students and parents underestimate arts as compared to other streams, but the truth is that there is immense potential in the field of arts as well.

Arts stream students can prepare for civil services after 12th. Earlier people believed that there are not many possibilities in the field of arts, but today there are many career options available in it.

There are many such subjects in arts, by studying which you can get a good position in government and private sectors. You can do graduation in Economics, Psychology, History, Philosophy etc. After graduation in arts, you can go to civil services.

Apart from this, there are many options in front of you in MBA, Journalism, Market Analysis, Teaching, Anthropology, Human Resource, MSW etc.

If you want to go into the field of politics, then you can become a lawyer.

There are many courses and there is also scope for government jobs. You must have heard about the Civil Services Examination, you can also prepare for the Civil Services Examination.

BA (Bachelor of Arts)

Bachelor of Arts (BA) has been the first choice for those pursuing 12th from Arts for years. Almost every university in India offers this course.

In this, students can do honors with subjects like English, Hindi, History, Political Science, Economics, Sociology, International Relations etc.

After doing a bachelor’s degree in these, you can do higher studies with masters (PG). One can become a university professor or make a career in the field of research. Or after graduation, you can go directly to banking, retail, administrative services or other government jobs.


After doing 12th with Arts, you can go into the field of Law. You can do three years BA LLB or five years Integrated LLB course. After this you can become a government or private lawyer.

Legal consultants are also hired at good packages in many multinational companies. If you want, you can get appointment on the posts of District Judge, Civil Judge through the Judicial Services.

BHM (Bachelor in Hotel Management)

Nowadays there are good career options in the hotel industry and hospitality as well. If you are interested in this field, then you can choose hotel management course.

Many reputed institutes including Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) offer this course. After this course, you can do jobs in various departments of best hotels in the country and abroad according to your interest.

BFA (Bachelor in Fine Arts)

In Bachelor in Fine Arts, subjects like painting, sculpture, photography are taught. If you are creative, want to do something different, then this course can be a better option for you.

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

If you have good business and management skills, then this course can be an option for you. After this, by doing MBA, you can get the best package in big companies of global level.

According to your specialty, you can take specialization in finance, marketing, operations or other sectors.

Bachelor in Fashion Designing

The fashion industry has grown a lot. There are many good and interesting career options in this. Many big institutes including NIFT offer fashion designing courses. With a Bachelor’s degree in this field, you can give a great direction to your career.

BJMC (Bachelor in Journalism and Mass Communication)

The journalism and media industry has grown a lot. Apart from mainstream media houses, many companies also offer content writer positions.

After Bachelor’s degree, you can give a different direction to your career by doing diploma in areas like Radio, Film Making, Cinematography, Creative Writing.

BA in Tour and Travel

If you love to travel, like to explore new places.. then you can adopt tourism industry. Many universities offer courses on this subject.

One can do courses like BA in Travel and Tourism Management, BBA in Tour and Travel Management, BA Honors in Tour and Travel, BA in Tourism Studies. After this, if you want, you can join an established company and do a job, freelance, or start your own agency. Travel blogger’s career is also in demand these days.

Bachelor in Social Work

BSW is a three-year bachelor’s degree. In this course, students are provided education to work in the field of social service.

Through this, you can get a chance to work in the country and the world by getting recruited in National and International level NGOs. Many multinational companies also hire such qualified candidates for their social work.

Teacher Training Courses

Every year lakhs of people apply to become a government teacher in the country. But still there is a shortage of qualified teachers. But by preparing yourself for it, you can give strong competition to your competitors.

There are many such courses available after 12th which are helpful in becoming your teacher.

You can pursue B.Ed (B.Ed) or Integrated B.Ed (Integrated B.Ed), B.Ed (Bachelor of Physical Education), BEd (Bachelor of Elementary Education) or D.El.Ed. (Diploma in Elementary Education), NCTE Nursery Teacher Training etc. courses can be done.

Apart from this, there are many courses like graphic designing, web designing, disaster management, e-commerce, digital marketing, editing which are in good demand in today’s time. You can do these courses after arts.

Job oriented courses after 12th

You can do diploma, vocational course, professional course after 12th. We tell you how you can do such courses so that you can enjoy your life and at the same time earn a lot of money.

C.A. (Chartered Accountant) After 12th

The best and best course for 12th commerce pass student is CA course. The biggest feature of this course is that after doing CA, you do not need to wander around for jobs. Because CA is in great demand in our India as well as all over the world.

The CA course is completed in about 4.5 years. The job of a CA is to provide financial advice, business accounting, tax planning, etc.

Mass Communication after 12th

If you want to become a reporter then you can do mass communication course. In which you can also enjoy, you will also get a chance to roam here and there. And also you will get good salary. You can get job in journalism, news channel. And you can make your future in Videographer, Anchor, Reporter.

Tourism course after 12th

If you love to travel and you are very fond of knowing about new places, then you can take a tourism course. That is why the tourism course has been created. In this you can roam around and at the same time you can earn a lot of money. By doing this course you can open your own travel agency.

Event management course after 12th

If you are very fond of partying and at the same time you want to enjoy your life, then you can take a course in event management and earn good money. In this you will also get a chance to go abroad and can get a good job.

Hotel Management Course After 12th

Nowadays hotel management course is very much in vogue. If you are very fond of cooking, then this course is going to be very beneficial for you, you can do hotel management course from any good college and become a good chef.

you can also do chef’s job by going abroad so that you will get the job of your choice and you can also earn money.

Animation course after 12th

Nowadays as you must have seen that cartoon films are made, animation is used in it. You must have seen your action scenes in cartoon films, in which animation is being used rapidly. You can make your future bright by taking the course.

Medical courses after 12th

If students want to make a career in the medical field, then they can do BSc (Pass) or BSc (Hons) from a reputed institute after 12th.

Now a days there is an option to do graduation in subjects like Biotechnology, Genetics, Electronics too. You can also do engineering or medical course after 12th. But for this it is necessary to pass the entrance exam.

BA LLB (Bachelor Of Laws & Arts) Course After 12th

If your interest is in the field of justice means advocacy and you want to become a lawyer or judge then you can do LLB. In LLB course, you have to study law with arts, this course is of 5 years.

Read here step by step guide which helps you to know how to become a lawyer after 12th

Courses after 12th
Job oriented courses after 12th

Increasing demand for commerce and computer science

There are also many options in the field of commerce, from which students can choose from their choice. Students of this stream can make a golden career in future in fields like MBA, CS, CA, Financial Analyst.

The demand for computer science courses has increased tremendously. Many colleges offer BSc (Hons) Computer Science course. There is no dearth of career options after doing this course.

Agriculture Course After 12th

As you all know that India is an agricultural country and agriculture is recognized at number one in India. Students can also make their career in agriculture. Agriculture courses are conducted to strengthen the agriculture sector. If you are also interested in agriculture, then you can do the course of Agriculture Engineer, Dairy Engineer. There are many more courses in this too. And you can get the job given below :-

  • crop specialist
  • Fertilizer Sales Representative
  • food microbiologist
  • food researcher
  • plant geneticist
  • soil surveyor
  • farm manager
  • agricultural engineer
  • agricultural researcher

Language course after 12th

If you have passed 12th and you are very fond of learning or speaking a new language, then language course will be best for you.

From this course you will get to learn a new language and at the same time you will get a job opportunity abroad and you can apply for government job under language course. you can earn good money by taking language course in tourism guideline also.

Defense courses after 12th

Prepare for NDA after 12th

After passing 12th with science, if you want to go to the service of the country, then for this you can give exam for NDA i.e. National Defense Academy.

If you pass this exam then you can join army, air force or navy. And with the spirit of service to the country, it is a great career option. In which you get good money along with respect.

NDA exam is the most important one to join the Indian Defense Forces. This exam is conducted by UPSC (Union Public Service Commission). It is the gateway for the students to join the Indian Army, Air Force and Navy.

It is a national level exam which is conducted twice a year.

Please Read Here full Article about How to join Indian Army

Do B.Tech after 12th

If your interest is to become an engineer, then you can do B.Tech after passing 12th Science. There are many exams for B.Tech at national and state level, after passing it you get admission in B.Tech and after that you can make a good career by becoming a civil engineer or mechanical engineer

Many students dream that they become an engineer, because engineering is such a field whose salary package is very good and there are many multi national companies in which the demand for engineers is high.

If you also have a dream that you become an engineer, then to become an engineer, you have to do B.Tech or B.E. Will have to do It takes 4 years to complete this course. B.Tech or B.E. To do this, you must have passed 12th (PCM).

Remember that you do not have to clear JEE Main/Advance exam to pursue B.Tech or B.E. You can do B.Tech or B.E from any government or private college. But if you clear JEE Main/Advance exam and then you get admission in top colleges of India which will give you many benefits. JEE Mains exam is for admission in private colleges and JEE Advanced exam is for admission in government colleges.

There are many types of branches in B.Tech or B.E, out of which you can choose any branch according to your interest and study it. If your interest is in computer and information technology and you are 12th (PCM) pass, then you can do Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc IT). It takes you 3 years to do BSc IT.

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