How to become a government teacher

In our country, government teacher are given a lot of respect and government teachers are given a very different status, now there are many such students.

Those who have a lot of interest in becoming a government teacher and enjoy sharing their knowledge with the children of the whole society, that’s why a student wants to make his career in a teacher.

But many people do not know this. What studies do you have to study to become a government teacher. What should be the qualification for this, that is, what is necessary for a government teacher profession.

After 12th pass, you can make your career in the teaching line, but I want to explain here, if you enjoy reading, learning and teaching, then make your career in it or else many people fail in it and ruined their career. That’s why deciding to make a career decision after considering everything.

Some teachers are professors, some are primary school teachers and some teach higher classes, now there are different courses for different teachers.

Government teacher is divided into 3 parts

  1. PRT (Primary Teacher)
  2. TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher)
  3. PGT (Post Graduate Teacher)

PRT (Primary Teacher) Primary Teachers

In (PRT), you can teach primary school children, that is, you can teach from 1st to 5th class, to become a primary school teacher, you should pass 12th with 50% marks, after that you have to complete graduation. Or you should have a degree in Nursery Teacher Training course.

If you have completed the nursery training course, then you can teach small children, it is said (Pre-Primary Teacher) that you have to have a lot of knowledge to read small children, that is, it is good to love children.

To teach and explain (how to study) to understand its things, that is, to teach you with complete ease, but all this is not available to everyone, so the government does a thorough investigation, only then you are given a job.

  1. Pass in 10+2 in any stream with 50% marks.
  2. Candidate age should be 18-35 years.
  3. After completing graduation one has to complete pre & primary teachers’ training course.
  4. Once the training is completed, you can work as a teacher in a private or government institution.

TGT (Trained Graduate Teacher)

In this, you can teach standard class students, that is, you can teach children from class 6 to 10, for this you should have a graduation degree as well as a degree of B.ED (Bachelor of Education), only then you can give the exam. Yes, this course is of full 2 ​​years and after doing this, you can teach 6 to 10 class students very comfortably.

  1. Pass in 10+2 in any stream with 50% marks.
  2. Now you have to complete your graduation education.
  3. After completing the graduation, B.Ed courses have to be done.

PGT (Post Graduate Teacher)

This is a very standard teacher, in this you can teach 11th and 12th students, but for this you should have Post Graduation and B.ED (Bachelor of Education) degree, that is now with good marks only then you get a chance to teach higher class student.

After doing this, you have to clear the entrance exam, only then you can get the job of a government teacher.

Eligibility to Become government Teacher

You should have good marks in 12th and graduate for this exam.

CTET exam has been kept in 2 parts, Paper 1 and Paper 2. If you want to teach students from 1 to 5, then prepare for Paper 1, if you want to teach standard class students, then prepare for Paper 2.

If you want to teach students from 1st to 10th class then you have to clear both the papers.

skills to become a government teacher

To become a government teacher, a person has to concentrate fully in studies and he has to always be ready to work hard.

To become a government teacher, one should have a good understanding of the subjects. He should have problem solving skills. Must have passion to achieve your destination. Must have passion for reading.

entrance exam to become a teacher

To become a teacher, entrance exam has also been made mandatory in which TET i.e. Teacher Eligibility Test and CTET i.e. Central Teacher Eligibility Test is necessary, then if you have education qualification up to graduation level and diploma in education so teacher eligibility test is passed.

If you have a certificate then you can apply for the job of government teacher and become a teacher.

How to Become a Government Teacher?

To become a government teacher, you have to follow some procedures and gradually move forward. Below we are providing you the information about what is the process to become a government teacher.

  1. Pass 12th class

If you want to become a government teacher or a government teacher, then you have to pass class 12th with good marks. You can take any subject in class 12th, because there is no compulsion of the subject to become a government teacher. However, you should choose only those subjects, in which you are interested and which you feel like studying, so that you can do your studies well and after becoming a government teacher, you can also illuminate the students with your knowledge.

  1. Complete Graduation

After passing 12th class with good marks, you have to take admission in DElEd or BTC course and study these courses well. Remember, you have to teach the new student later, that’s why you have to get complete information about your subject and do your studies diligently.

  1. Clear CTET/TET Entrance Exam

As soon as you complete the D.El.Ed or BTC course, after that you have to clear an entrance exam which is called Teacher Ability Test. If you clear the teacher ability test then you will get job in your state and if you want to get job in any central government school, then you have to give entrance exam of CTET.

After giving the entrance exam of your choice, you have to clear it with good marks. After giving the entrance exam, a merit list is prepared by the committee and the higher the marks in it, they are selected for the post of government teacher.

  1. Complete the Training

After the selection in the merit list, the candidate is sent for training, where he is provided training in schools by experienced teachers.

  1. Get Appointment

After completing the training, the candidate is given appointment to teach in schools. Thus the candidate becomes successful in becoming a government teacher or a government teacher.

how to become government teacher in india
How to become Government teacher in india


Hope you have got complete information about Government Teacher Details. If still you have any question regarding How To Become Government Teacher, then you can feel free to ask by commenting in comment section.


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