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In our country and society, teacher always has a high status. Being a teacher is a matter of pride in itself and it is the dream of many people to experience this pride.

In today’s time, the career option of teacher teaching is a very good career option, in this you also get very good salary and time is also very relaxed.

If you want to become a teacher, first of all you have to decide which class of students you would like to teach?

Meaning that do you want to become a primary teacher or want to become a TGT teacher or a PGT teacher?

  • Primary Teacher (PRT Teacher) – Reads from class 1 to class 5.
  • TGT Teacher – Teach students up to class 6th, 7th and 8th.
  • PGT Teacher – Students of class 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th have to study.

How to become a primary teacher?

If you want to become a primary teacher, that is, you want to teach from class 1 to class 5, then for that you have to first pass class 12th.

You should have at least 50% marks in class 12th, there can be relaxation according to the category.

After passing class 12th, you have to do D.el.ed. course, you can do this course even after graduation. D.el.ed. The full form is – Diploma in Elementary Education.

It is a diploma course whose duration is of 2 years. In 2 years you have to study four semesters and one semester is of 6 months.

To do the course of D.el.ed, it is necessary that you have 50% in class 12th, if you come in the reserve category then you can get some relaxation.

Which subject should be there for doing D.el.ed?

If you are an arts student, then you can do this course, apart from this, students of science and commerce stream can also do this course.

What to do after doing D.el.ed course?

If you have done your D.el.ed diploma course, then whenever there is vacancy of primary teacher then you can apply in it.

After doing the D.el.ed course, the selection is done according to the merit, that is, the one who has more marks will be selected first.

Note – To become a primary teacher, the course of D.el.ed was earlier valid, but friends, now its recognition has reduced in many places, according to the new education policy, B.Ed has been made mandatory to become a teacher.

If you do B.Ed course after 12th then its duration will be 4 years. There is a PRT exam for the primary teacher in a government school.

How to become a TGT teacher?

TGT Teacher – The full form of TGT is – Trained Graduate Teacher, who is a TGT teacher, he teaches from class 6th to class 10th.

To become a TGT teacher, you have to complete at least Graduation, whatever subject you want to become a teacher, you should try that subject in your graduation.

You should also have at least 50% in graduation.

After graduation, you will have to do B.Ed course, if you do B.Ed course after graduation, then the duration of this course will be 2 years.

After doing the course of B.Ed well, you have to clear the exam of TET.

How to become a PGT Teacher?

If you want to become a PGT teacher, that is, you are asked to teach class 11th and class 12th students, then you have to become a PGT teacher.

The full form of PGT is – Post Graduate Teacher,

To become a PGT teacher, it is necessary that you have done post graduation after graduation, along with it it is also necessary to do your B.Ed course.

To become a PGT teacher, you have to qualify TET after B.Ed. Only then will you be able to become a PGT teacher.

What to do to become a teacher?

If you have read this article so far, then you must have understood so much that if you want to become a government teacher, then you have to do B.Ed.

Now let’s know about TET, then we will talk about teacher’s salary.

TET i.e. Teacher Eligibility Test – This is a kind of exam, after coming close, you get a certificate that now you are ready to become a teacher.

After qualifying TET, whenever the teacher vacancy comes, you can apply in it.

There are two types of TET –

  1. CTET
  2. STET
  • CTET – Central Teacher Eligibility Test

If you have qualified your CTET then there will be teacher vacancy anywhere in the whole country then you will be eligible to apply in it.

  • STET – State Teacher Eligibility Test

As the name suggests, STET is on the state star, all the states conduct its different exams, such as, UPTET for UP, BIHARTET for Bihar, RajasthanTET for Rajasthan , HP TET for Himachal.

Whichever state you qualify TET, you can become a teacher only in that state, whereas after qualifying CTET, anywhere in the whole country.

What is the salary of a government teacher?

We learned that what should be the teacher banne ke liye kya kare, teacher banne ke liye course, we also learned about this.

Now let’s talk about how much is the salary of a government teacher?

Teacher’s salary depends on what type of teacher he is i.e. primary teacher or TGT teacher or PGT teacher

  • Salary of Primary Teacher – Rs 28000-30000 per month
  • Salary of TGT Teacher – Rs 32000-35000 per month and
  • Salary of PGT Teacher – 40000-450000 can be per month.

Note – The salary of a Kendriya Vidyalaya teacher is slightly higher.

This salary which I have told may be a little more or less because it depends on the state governments, still you must have got an idea.

how to become a government teacher

how to become a government teacher

  1. Clear 12th

To become a government teacher, you have to pass 12th class after 10th, whatever subject you are more interested in and the subject you like to study more, you choose the same subject in 12th like maths, science or any other subject and choose that subject. Make it strong.

  1. Pay special attention to your favorite subject

It is very important that you pay special attention to the subject you want to become a teacher and acquire complete knowledge about it, so that you can give accurate answers to any question asked by the students.

  1. Complete Graduation

To become a teacher, you have to do graduation, then only you can become a teacher. Choose the subject of your interest in graduation, and make yourself strong in it. This will help you in your further studies to become a teacher.

  1. Apply for B.Ed Course

After completing graduation, you can now apply for B.Ed, but let us also tell you that it is necessary to have 50% in your graduation, only then you can apply for B.Ed. The duration of this course is 2 years, after doing this you can teach as a teacher in any school.

  1. Clear CTET or TET Exam:

To become a government teacher or a teacher of Kendriya Vidyalayas, you have to clear CTET or TET exam after doing B.Ed, if you clear it, after that a merit list is prepared, the better your marks will be. If you will get good post and government school, then in this way you can become a government teacher.

Qualification Required to become a Teacher

To become a government teacher, pass 12th.

After 12th you do graduation in the subject of which you want to become a teacher. For example, if you want to become a science teacher, then you have to do graduation in science subject, as well as it is mandatory to have at least 50% in your graduation.

After this, you will have to give CTET exam which consists of two papers – Paper-1 and Paper-2, if you want to teach students from class 1 to 5, then paper 1 and if you want to teach secondary class students, then paper 2. have to give.
And if you want to teach class 1 to 10th students, then you have to give both Paper 1 and Paper 2.

Which course should I do to become a teacher?

Following are the main courses to become a teacher:

  • B.Ed (Bachelor Of Education): This course is of 2 years duration and you need to be a graduate to do this course. You can also do this course from a government or private college. After B.Ed course you can make a career in teaching.
  • D.Ed (Diploma in Education): This is a Diploma course of 2 years duration, and this course is done to become a school teacher. You can do this course after 12th with graduation also. D.El.Ed is also similar to D.Ed, except their names are different.

Exam to become a teacher

Following are the examinations and their qualifications to become a government teacher or a teacher of Kendriya Vidyalayas:

TET (Teacher Eligibility Test):

TET i.e. Teacher Eligibility Test (TET), this exam is conducted by the state government. You can give TET exam to become a government teacher in the state. After passing the TET exam, you become a teacher of children from class 1 to 8.

Qualifications for TET:

  • You must have B.Ed with graduation to appear in TET exam.
  • Maximum age should be 35 years for teacher eligibility test.

CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test):

CTET, i.e. Central Teacher Eligibility Test, is conducted by the Government of India. This exam is for those people who want to become a teacher of Kendriya Vidyalayas.

Qualifications for CTET:

  • For CTET exam you need to have graduation as well as B.Ed or two years Diploma in Elementary Education (D.Ed/D.El.Ed).
  • Candidate should be a citizen of India and his age should be more than 18 years.
how to become a teacher in india
how to become government teacher

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