How to become an Insurance Agent in India

Friends, today there are many people in our India who earn a lot by becoming an insurance agent. It is easy to earn money from this. By doing this business people are fulfilling their dreams.

Now what are the functions of an insurance agent, then the job of an insurance agent is to go to the people and get the insurance done. Such an insurance company keeps an insurance agent to run the company and to insure the people.

Such agents have to go among the people and give them complete information about insurance and insure the people who like insurance. The company will give the same commission to the number of people the insurance agent insures.

By becoming an insurance agent, people earn a good amount because, it is a very easy and good way to earn.

The main job of an insurance agent is to go to the people and insure them.

All insurance companies keep agents in the form of jobs to earn their money, who are fully present among the people doing business of insurance, giving them information about insurance and getting them insured, so that insurance on behalf of the insurance company.

Agent gets commission, so in all insurance companies a large number of people are doing the work of insurance agent.

If you also want to become an insurance agent, then here you are being given complete information about how to become an insurance agent, qualification, work and salary.

You can apply online or offline to become an agent in any IRDA registered insurance company to become a successful insurance agent.

The insurance company, based on its criteria, selects the person who can be appointed as an insurance agent from the applications received. After this, the selected person is given a prescribed training and sent to the field for selling the policy and for awareness.

If you can be present among the people and prepare them to get insured, then you will become a good insurance agent.

To become an insurance agent, it is most important that you become an agent in a company registered by the Insurance Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDA), whose benefits you get further.

By the way, it depends on the company whether to give a basic salary to the newly selected candidate or not, because most of the insurance agents are not appointed on salary but on incentive and commission which means whenever the insurance agent sells a policy. So he is given a commission instead and he is also given an incentive for selling more policies than expected in the month.

Even if you do a job or do any other work or study, you can do this work part time. You can work in it both full time and part. The insurance agent who makes a customer, if he pays the premium, then the insurance agent gets a commission. The higher the policy, the higher the commission.

Types of Insurance

Insurance is divided into two parts. Which is as follows –

  • life insurance
  • general insurance

Life insurance

Under this insurance, the agent has to sell the policy to those people who want to be involved in it like – when any kind of accident happens with any person and that person can get the amount fixed by the insurance company.

General Insurance

The benefit of this general insurance is given to those people who want to get insurance for automobile, health, shop etc. This insurance is of short duration, and in this the person does not have to pay any kind of premium because, at the very beginning of this process, a lump sum premium is paid which is for a fixed time.

After that the insurance agent should know that he should do research on the insurance company available in the market like – Tata AIG, National Insurance, New India Insurance, Max Life Insurance etc. And should find out which product of which company is more popular.

How to become vehicle insurance agent

To become a Vehicle Insurance Agent, follow the steps given below. With this you can apply to become a Vehicle Insurance Agent. So now know Motor Insurance Agent Kaise Bane:

  • You can become a Vehicle Insurance Agent even after passing 12th. But in any state, only after graduation, you can give the exam of Vehicle Insurance Agent.
  • For this your license is required. And you have to complete the whole process. You can also give its information by visiting your state’s government website.
  • After passing this exam, you can join any insurance company.

Eligibility to become an Insurance Agent

  1. To become an insurance agent, it is mandatory for the candidates to have 10th or 12th pass.
  2. According to the Insurance Regulatory Authority of India, candidates aspiring to become an insurance agent have to undergo 100 hours of practical training from an IRDA-approved institution.
  3. The eligibility of every insurance company is different, so a person becoming an insurance agent should go to the selected company and get complete information about its terms and conditions.

Functions of Insurance Agent

As an insurance agent, a candidate has to do the following:-

  1. To promote and make people aware about the insurance policy of the company.
  2. To insure people according to their needs.
  3. Helping people make deposits for insurance policies.
  4. Providing reminders for insurance policies so that there is no problem in policy renewal.
  5. Helping people to understand and buy an insurance policy.

Benefits of Insurance Agent

  1. An insurance agent has to go here and there to deliver the customer to the insurance company, with which he also gets to roam everywhere, along with this, the agent is also given a chance to travel far outside the company.
  2. By becoming an insurance agent, you can sit among the people and talk to them.
  3. In this you get unlimited opportunities to earn money but, it depends on you, how well you can earn.
  4. Insurance agents who make a good record in their company, they get facilities from the company to travel abroad.
  5. The insurance agent is called to some good hotels for training when the time comes, where he is given a good training and at the same time he is given accommodation and food facilities.
  6. Along with this work, the insurance agent can also do any other work.
  7. Flexible Timing : In many places, you have to give more time to do a job. But if you are an insurance agent then you can set the time accordingly. And can do his work in that stipulated time.
  8. Zero Investment : You don’t have any investment in this. You don’t have to invest anything except your time and effort.
  9. Industry Expert : Once you become an insurance agent in a company, you get a lot of opportunities. To develop your personal and professional skills. If you want to become a successful insurance agent, then you can adopt the methods given below:
  • You should tell your customers the same service that your insurance company is really providing.
  • Make your behavior good and stay positive.
  • Keep maximum knowledge of the company’s new products and insurance and stay updated.
  • Whenever there is a seminar in the insurance company, then definitely participate in it.
  • If a new product has come to your company which is also cheap, then inform people about it.
how to become insurance agent
how to become insurance agent in india



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