How to join Indian military academy ( IMA )

By joining indian military academy, you also want to contribute to the service of the country. If yes, then you must read these things related to IMA.

Indian Military Academy is the premier institute of the country which trains Gentleman Cadets (GC) for commission in the Indian Army.

In IMA, along with discipline, there is better training for combat. The training of indian military academy is done in such a way so that the person can lead strong leadership in the right way.

indian military academy provides training to its military trainees (cadets) who have cleared the written test and AFSB interview. All the candidates are given 12 months training which is world class and after completion of the training candidates are appointed to the post.

Indian military academy Dehradun is the premier institute in the country that trains Gentlemen Cadets (GC) for the entry of officers into the Indian Army.

The Indian military academy is an institute with a rigorous discipline that provides training in leadership and the art of warfare. Training at the IMA fully develops the qualities that are essential for leadership and the art of warfare.

Thus training at Indian military academy develops the qualities of patriotism, character, dynamism and understanding which form the basis of leadership in war and peace.

The training of indian military academy develops the qualities of patriotism and understanding, due to which the soldier understands the importance of both war and peace.

How to get into Indian military academy

The selection procedure for IMA is as follows-

  1. Written Exam – The test is objective type and there is negative marking also. Mathematics and English are two important subjects in this exam.

The written exam is conducted in three stages. The first paper is of English, the second paper is of general knowledge and the third paper is of mathematics.

  1. Medical Test – Medical test is to check your physical and mental ability.
  2. Interview – Interview is the last stage, after passing you can join Indian military academy.

To appear in the IMA exam, it is necessary to be a graduate in any discipline from a recognized university.

You can also get entry in Indian military academy through these exams-

  • Through NDA Exam – Candidates who have passed 12th can apply to go to NDA. Only male candidates can give this exam. Age limit should be 16.5 to 19 years and should be unmarried.
  • Through CDSE Exam – Male graduates can join Indian military academy through CDSE. Age limit is 19 to 24 years.
  • Technical Graduate Course (TGC)– Those who are studying in final year or have completed BE/B.Tech can join Indian military academy through technical graduate course at the age of 19 to 25 years.

How to prepare for Indian military academy

  • For Indian military academy exam, first of all you have to focus on your English, Maths and Reasoning.
  • Pay equal attention to all the three subjects and don’t leave anyone.
  • Study for 4-5 hours in a whole day.
  • Make a schedule for yourself so that you can do time management and study systematically.
  • Focus on reading and understanding, not on reading a lot.
  • Revise the studied topic again.
  • There is only one minute for each answer, so sharpen your thinking ability.
  • Make sure to go through the previous year question papers.
  • Must read newspapers to increase general awareness.

Admission to World Class Training Institute Indian military academy

As soon as the cadets receive the instructions to join the Indian military academy, the process of admission to the IMA starts. After that candidates have to follow the procedure mentioned. Following are the rules that candidates have to follow for IMA training:

Completing the formalities to get admission in IMA

Approval: Cadets should send their acceptance as per given format to Indian military academy, immediately after receipt of joining instructions.

Documentation: The following documents, duly completed, will be brought by the gentleman cadet and will be checked upon arrival at the Academy:

  1. Signed Original Call Letter/Joining Instruction received from Directorate of Recruitment, Integrated Headquarters, Ministry of Defense.
  2. Identity Card (Voter Card, Aadhar Card, Driving License, Passport, PAN Card, etc. issued by the Government).
  3. Original certificate of Matriculation or equivalent for date of birth.
  4. Original Marks Sheet of Matric or Class 10th.
  5. Original Certificate of Class 12 and Marks Sheet.
  6. Basic Degree or Provisional Degree of Graduation from recognized University.
  7. Mark sheet of all semesters of graduation and original degree.
  8. Basic Degree or Provisional Degree (if applicable) of Post Graduate from recognized University.
  9. Original Marks Sheet of all semesters of Post Graduation (if applicable).
  10. Migration Certificate.
  11. Medical Certificate duly signed by Registered Medical Practitioner as per attached Appendix.
  12. Income certificate of parents as per attached Appendix.
  13. Bond signed by the parent/guardian of the GC as per attached Appendix.
  14. Supplementary Annexure as per attached Appendix (Only for Provisional Admission of Direct Entry and GC having Technical Undergraduate Courses and University Admission Scheme). GC along with provisional admission will have to deposit demand draft/cash in favor of “Commandant Indian Military Academy, Dehradun” at Rs.9488 per week for the period of training.
  15. Risk certificate signed by the parents/guardians of the candidate selected for training as per attached Appendix.
  16. Risk certificate signed by the candidates selected for training as per attached Appendix.
  17. All the candidates must have a PAN card at the time of joining the Academy. If candidates do not have PAN card then they should immediately apply for it.
  18. All the candidates must have Aadhar Card at the time of joining the Academy. If candidates do not have Aadhar card then they should immediately apply for it.
  19. In case of discrepancy in name in the Matriculation Certificate, an affidavit duly signed by a Notary is required. Birth and name mentioned in the matriculation certificate will be considered final.
  20. All GCs will bring 10 copies of their photographs in white shirt and neck tie. The size of the picture should be around 4.5 x 3.5 cm (five copies) and 3.5 x 2.5 cm (five copies) with light galaxy background.

Note: All the documents have to be completed and signed as per the instructions given in the relevant documents.

Instructions to Signing the Gentleman Cadet Bond:

Many candidates are unable to get the bond signed by their parents before joining Indian military academy. This is not acceptable. For those who fail to get the GC bond signed, the following procedure will be followed:

  1. Those who do not deposit the agreement bond on gentleman cadet joining will have to deposit 15 days training fee (Rs 9488 per week) to cover this period of training.
  2. If the bond is not received even after the first 15 days, the training fee will be recovered until the agreement bond is received (up to a maximum of 3 months).
  3. If the agreement bond is deposited, the cost of training deposited to the GC will be refunded. If the agreement bond is not deposited by the third month then the gentleman cadet will be debarred from the IMA.

Provisional Instruction in IMA

If the GCs fail to submit the required documents and bonds as required, they are given provisional admission. Following is the further process:

  • Grace Period: If a gentleman cadet has been granted provisional admission as per the supplementary agreement and is not able to produce the required educational qualification certificate within 30 days of joining the Academy, he/she will be allowed to extend this period up to 30 days. Provided that he deposits an amount at the rate of Rs.9488 per week.
  • Extension: In no case such extension is allowed for submission of education qualification/degree by more than three months.
  • Withdrawal: If the gentleman cadet fails to submit the required education degree within the above period, he/she will be expelled from the Academy and the money deposited by him/her will be forfeited. Thereafter, no reference will be accepted in this regard.

GC’s medical fitness

The GC will submit a medical certificate signed by a qualified medical doctor or military medical officer on the attached format. In the absence of this certificate they will not be admitted to the Indian military academy.

If the GC suffers from any infection or infectious disease before joining the Academy, he/she will inform the IMA. Under no circumstances shall he join the IMA unless permitted to do so by the competent military medical authorities.

List of gentleman cadet clothes and other items required in IMA

GCs are required to bring clothes for use unless they are issued with Academy pattern clothes. Here are the clothing details:

S.noList of ItemsNo. Of pieces
1.Winter sports coat or blazer (blue color)1
2.pullover (white)1
3.Full Sleeves white shirt4
4.Woolen trousers to be worn with a coat or blazer (gray flannel color)1
5.shorts (white)2 brogue boots1
7Bed sheet (white)2
8towels (white)2
9Nylon Socks (White)4
10Nylon socks ( Black )4
12Black Steel Box (Length – 35″, Height – 11″, Width – 19″)1
13Turban (only for Sikh candidates)2 each (red, black, gray and olive green)
General Cadet list of items to join IMA

Items restricted to GC

The GC is forbidden to fetch any of the following:

  1. PC, Laptop and Multimedia Mobile Phones, iPad, Storage Devices.
  2. TV set or music system.
  3. Dog or any or pet.
  4. Motorcycle, scooter, bicycle or car.
  5. Air guns, pistols, arms and ammunition.
  6. private servant.
  7. Alcoholic beverages.
  8. Valuable jewelry.
  9. Cigarettes, smoking materials and intoxicants.
  10. pornographic material.
  11. Electrical Appliances like Refrigerator, Heater etc.

leave during training period for Cadet in IMA

Apart from leave on medical grounds, no other kind of leave will be granted during the period of training. Leave for weddings and funerals will be granted only in cases of blood relations and exceptional cases. No holiday of any kind is allowed for any festival or other similar occasions. The Indian military academy is closed on the following occasions:

  • Summer Vacation (June-July) – Four weeks.
  • Winter vacation (December – January) – four weeks.
  • Mid term break – one week (conditionally).

The GC will be allowed to go home during the leave, subject to certain basic conditions such as passing various tests in minimum standards. Many adventure programs are also organized at various places around Dehradun during the mid term break for the GCs of 1st and 2nd term. Whether they should be allowed to go home during the leave or not is the decision of the IMA Commandant. .

Rules for visitors in IMA

GC can meet visitors only four weeks after the start of training. Visitors can meet the GC on Sundays/holidays only. Meetings are allowed from 0900 to 1700 hours during winter and 0900 to 1800 hours during summer. No accommodation is provided to the parent/visitor at IMA so the parent/visitor should make their own accommodation arrangements.

Facilities at IMA for gentleman cadet


IMA will set up a reception center at Dehradun Railway Station and Bus Stand from 0600 to 2000 hours a week before the start of the training. IMA will provide transport service for the GC and their baggage.

GCs arriving by private transport, by plane or after 2000 hours are required to arrive at the IMA Reception Center on their own arrangements and report to an Indian military academy Adjutant or Assistant Adjutant.


Direct Entry: Free accommodation will be provided to the GC and furnished cabins will be allotted.

Technical Graduate/University Admission Scheme: Furnished cabins will be provided to the GC on nominal rent.

Restaurant arrangement

  • Direct Entry: Food and allied services (electricity, hot water and laundry) will be provided free of charge to the GC.
  • Technical Graduate/University Admission Scheme: Meals and allied services (electricity, hot water and laundry) will be provided free of cost to the GC on nominal payment.

Clothing and other equipment

Clothing and other equipment will be allotted to ensure uniformity and correct pattern in the academy. The cost of clothing and equipment will be recovered from the Personal Dress Allowance and the Initial Dress Allowance authorized to Gentlemen Cadets. Cycles are also allotted to the GC to move inside the academy.

hobby / club

A large number of different hobbies are encouraged at IMA such as Riding & Polo, Shooting, Golf, Workshop, Music & Drama, Arts, Camera, Driving & Maintenance etc.

GCs can join the club of their choice. The club materials they have can bring them. Joining one of the clubs is mandatory.


Sports is an important part of the curriculum in the Academy. Major activities include hockey, football, basketball, volley ball, cricket, athletics, swimming, boxing, tennis, polo and golf.

The extensive facilities available for sports include an Olympic-sized swimming pool, a stadium, a well-equipped gym, several squash and tennis courts, a golf course and a large number of sports venues for hockey, football, cricket, basketball, etc. Grounds are included.

The academy has a large number of horses and a huge collection of water sports equipment. It also has an indoor shooting range.

If the GC has any sports equipment, they are allowed to bring them with them.

Entertainment and Shopping Complex

Films are screened three days a week for the GC at the IMA Auditorium. English films are screened on Wednesdays and Hindi films on Saturdays and Sundays.

The IMA has a well-equipped entrance room for each company’s gentleman cadet in addition to parade hours to socialize and interact. The Ant Room has a good atmosphere for entertainment and state of the art facilities like home theater system, billiards table, table tennis, mini library etc.

The Academy Campus has several well-equipped cafeterias and shopping complexes.

There is well stocked CSD canteen provided by gentleman cadet to provide everything required for daily use.

Banking and Postal Service

There is a State Bank of India branch with ATM facility within the Indian military academy premises which provides banking facility to all the GCs. ATM facilities of PNB and HDFC are also available within the campus. There is also a post office in the premises of IMA.

Communication facility

Internet is available in all the company’s entrance rooms. gentleman cadet is allowed to use basic non multimedia mobile only for communication purpose during stipulated time. Multimedia phones are strictly prohibited.

Medical facilities for GC

Sports Medicine Officer and Regimental Medical Officer have been appointed in the Academy. It has a 20 bedded hospital and a medical section.

The station also has well equipped military hospital facilities with specialist officers for Medical, Surgical, Pediatricians, Ophthalmologists, ENT, Radiology, Orthopedics, Skin and Pathology. The sick GC will report to the section hospital for treatment of his illness.


Friends, in today’s article, we have given brief information about How to Join Indian Military Academy. I hope you liked this information. If any person has any question related to this article. So he can tell us through comment.

how to join indian military academy
How to join Indian Military Academy


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