How to become graphic designer in india

If you have creativity and you want to do something new in the world of creativity, then Graphic Designing can be a good career option for you. To make a career in this field, the student should have at least 12th pass from any stream.

the basis of graphics designing is your creativity. Friends, the use of visual and graphic arts has increased a lot these days, so the possibilities here are also very high. If you like to work on the computer and at the same time you are also creative, then graphic designing can prove to be a good career option for you.

After 12th you can make a career in this field by doing certificate or diploma course in Graphic Designing. From certificate courses to bachelor and PhD courses are available in this. The fees for these courses can range from 20 thousand to lakhs of rupees.

Nowadays courses related to graphic designing are being conducted in many colleges and universities.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design is a type of art in which you create a design with the help of your creativity and software tools. This design can be poster, banner, logo etc.

The job of a graphic designer is to create such creative ideas for his client, which can distinguish his client’s institute or his business. Creativity is the first requirement for this work. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have complete knowledge of industry trends, knowledge of new softwares in the field of graphic designing, professional approach and ability to complete the work on time.

What do graphics designers do?

The job of a graphic designer is to make the program attractive. Graphic design is the art in which a message is effectively conveyed to the people through text and graphics.

This message can be in the form of graphics, logo, brochure, newsletter, poster or otherwise.

In this work the designer designs through color, illustration, photographs, animation and different types of layouts.

The graphic designer creates the overall layout of a page and then displays it with an attractive look, so that the reader will enjoy it. The graphic designer is also very useful in giving a different identity to the product.

What are the courses in Graphic Designing?

  • Bachelor in Fine Arts
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Design
  • Graduate Diploma in Design
  • visual communication design
  • advertising and visual communication
  • Applied Arts and Digital Arts
  • Printing and Media Engineering

Where will you get a job after doing Graphic Designing course?

If we talk about a career in the field of graphic designing, then in the current era of globalization, there are better employment opportunities in this field. All small and big institutions prepare visual brands for themselves.

Graphic designers get work in good packages in places like websites, advertising agencies, books, magazines, posters, computer games, product packaging, corporate communication, corporate identity.

Graphic designers are in great demand in fields like advertising, agency, public relations, news paper, advertising agency, web page magazine, electronic media.

They are in great demand especially in the film, advertising and animation fields. At the same time, in the last few years, the demand for graphic designers in films has also increased.

The demand for graphic designers in animation and documentary films is increasing rapidly these days. If we look at the films of the last few years, then films like Avatar, Terminator, Krish became famous due to their graphics.

In addition, multiple graphic designers of the product are being extensively used. Now even fashion designers have started using this art a lot in their designing.

Designers are using this art a lot to enhance the design and give it a special effect. At the same time, in the last four-five years, graphic is also being used in animation. Be it films or advertisements, graphic designing has emerged as a good career option in animation.

Career Scope in Graphic Designing

In today’s time the trend of graphic designing and visual arts is increasing very fast.

In such a situation, very good career opportunities are available for you in this sector.

  1. Can create a visual brand for any company or organization.
  2. You can get a job as a graphic designer in any newspaper.
  3. You can work in an advertising agency.
  4. You can make a career in digital film making.
  5. job in website designing company
  6. You can get job in book publishing house.
  7. Can also work in the field of product packaging
  8. Can find jobs in companies making computer games, posters
  9. Excellent job opportunities can also be found in places like Corporate Identity and Corporate Communication.

Software used in graphic designing

When you do a course in graphic designing from an institute. So that institute explains to you graphic designing with the help of any graphic software. With the help of these software, you can do any kind of design like logo design of a company, poster, video thumbnail design or even adjust the size of an image.

  • CorelDraw
  • Corel Photoshop
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Canva
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • GIMP
  • Affinity designer
  • Blender
how to become graphic designer in india
How to become graphic designer in india


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